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ROI projects are many things – but not airy

A project becomes an ROI project only after specific, binding objectives and quality standards have been established, with a dedicated focus on quick, sustainable implementation. That makes our fee a fundamentally good investment for our customers – regardless of whether we work on the basis of fixed prices or under models that are dependent on success.

As simple as possible – but not more so

Since issues involving global development and production processes are extremely challenging today, we set a high bar for ourselves as well. We’re able to meet this aspiration because we combine systematic innovation and use of best-practices knowledge drawn from more than 2,000 projects with comprehensive sector know-how and deep, substantive expertise. Our trademark is that we handle complexity with confidence, which is also the prerequisite for customised solutions.

The consultant leaves – the results remain

We come in to initiate sustainable changes – and we stay until the project objectives have been achieved. For this reason, and because we speak the language of our customers, from the shop floor to the top management level, ROI consultants are motivating, accepted partners. This enables us to establish long-term customer relationships – and we have done this for more than 30 years.

Dividing instead of Dominating – Qualification as an integral part of the project

Share Economy to us means dividing knowledge on a systematic basis. This is why we integrate qualifications and training from the very first day in our projects and take charge of the orientation and advanced training of the employees of our customers even beyond the scope of the individual project. We operate training centres for this purpose in Germany, Czech Republic and China, and combine interactive training sessions on-site with a highly developed eLearning system.

It is right at the beginning of our projects that we lay the foundation stone for the durable anchoring of the new principles of production, organisation and management in companies. For this purpose, we designed a learning and training programme that is customised to the specific requirements of the company and integrated in the project, and where the content-related, methodical and didactic principles have been tested and proven across numerous industrial projects.

Worthy of an award!

In 2015 and 2018 ROI has been awarded by WGMB and the business magazine CAPITAL as “Hidden Champion of the Consulting Market” in the “Engineering, Production & IoT” category.  

ROI has received several significant awards for our implementation-oriented projects - among these were the "Best of Consulting" in 2012 and 2014 from "Wirtschaftswoche" (Financial Weekly) in the "Supply Chain Management" and "Competitive Strategy" category and the award of "Best Consultant" in 2014 - 2018 from the financial magazine "Brand Eins".

In turn, ROI customers have been honoured with the "Factory of the Year" in 2009 and for "European Logistics Excellence" by the ELA in 2013.

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