Werner Schauperl

Managing Director of ROI Management Consulting GmbH Vienna

Werner Schauperl has been a partner at ROI Management Consulting AG in Zurich since 1988 and managing partner at ROI Management Consulting GmbH in Vienna since 2000.

In the ROI Group, Mr Schauperl is responsible for the design and implementation of best-practice production and assembly systems and is head of the Maintenance unit. His consulting work focuses on the areas of vehicle manufacturing, machinery and plant construction, automotive supply, and the process industry.

Before joining ROI, Mr Schauperl worked for a variety of machinery and equipment manufacturers as head of operations, member of management, head of production engineering, and head of tool and equipment design, as well as in plant design.

After completing his apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, Mr Schauperl went on to study mechanical engineering, earning a degree as an industrial engineer.