Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things / IoT) is the umbrella term for the new value creation by combining new information, communication, automation and manufacturing technologies. Newly created Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)  enable completely new integration and networking scenarios for plants, machines and work-pieces. This enableses efficiency enhancements beyond traditional lean management approaches and enables the optimisation of  control systems and man-machine interaction.

In parallel, the digitalisation of end to end supply chains enable innovative, cross-industry smart services and processes as well as new value creating business models. Because of it’s holistic impact, the IoT based transformation concepts are the central lever for growth and value creation in the manufacturing industry in the years to come.

ROI is an acknowledged and highly experienced European management consultancy that supports its clients to master their digital transformation. Every year ROI is awarding the prestigious ‘Industrie 4.0 Prize’ that recognizes leading Industry 4.0 practices. ROI clients benefit from a rich knowledge base of best practices as well as from an international network of research institutions, industrial, software and technology companies and start-ups.

We support our clients with readiness assessments, digitalisation strategies, implementation planning, such as Industry 4.0 roadmaps and a value capturing systematic implementation approach. We are following a pragmatic approach focused on feasibility, flexibility and return on investment.

Our range of services at a glance:

Business Model Workshops

By using the design thinking and business canvas methods, we question your current business model radically and analyse the vulnerable points that this provides to (new) competitors for attack or the opportunities that may arise by digitalisation for your company. In doing so, we fall back on the examples for digital business models such as digital refining, crowd innovation, availability on demand, everything as a service, personalised products and platforms. The structured development of the business canvas in the workshop generates systematic ideas for changing the supply chain, the benefits, the profit potential, as well as the customers. Next, a description is compiled for the roadmap and the most important elements of the new business model.

IoT Readiness Assessment

The ROI IoT Readiness Assessment analyses and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your business with regard to…

  • Smart products
  • Digital sales & marketing
  • Smart supply chain
  • Big Data utilisation
  • Existing IT systems landscape / architecture
  • Application of IoT enabling technologies (e.g. sensors, APIs, Cloud, Mobile Device Management, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing)
  • Digital organisational capabilities

We apply detailed checklists and benchmarks to analyse your business’s 'Readiness' for the digital future. We analyse gaps and propose value creating ways forward. In combination with newly created business models you can enrich your strategy and operational plans.

IoT Projects

Projects on the roadmap may range from improving operational efficiency to turnkey IoT solutions and whole Smart Factories as well as new smart products and digital services.

Successfully completed digital transformation initiatives in ROI consulting projects include:

  • Development of smart products
  • Service developments in mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Industry 4.0 based reduction of throughput times
  • Build-up of a "Smart Factory" in mechanical engineering industry
  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics enable OEE increase in the automotive industry
  • Mass customisation concepts in various manufacturing industries
  • Additive manufacturing strategy in various industries

Successfull implementation of digital transformations requires organisational capability and dexterity. Traditional companies benefit from ROI consulting's effective digitalization governance and organisation support to grow new digital business. We also embedded organisational learning into our transformation programme offering by running workshops, training on the job and providing advanced training courses to our clients.

The ROI IoT Fabs

IoT Training - Experience Industry 4.0 / IoT live

New management skills are required for future digital business. We aquaint managers on the future digital business. We have built IoT Fabs in Munich and Prague where we offer iterative  and practical workshops.  The participants will learn how factories and supply chains can be digitally improved:

  • Fundamentals of IoT based business
  • Use of sensors, utilisation of cloud platforms, user-friendly presentation of information
  • Toolbox of  IoT solutions ready to implement
  • BigData and Advanced Analytics
  • Lean ERP and IoT

Practical development of effective IoT solutions is feasible today and easier than most people imagine. The technologies used are generally available and usually require only modest investments.

IoT Testbed / Industry 4.0 Testbed

ROI Consulting, together with their IoT Fabs company, provide the option of subjecting all conceivable IoT applications, processes and models to a practical test first, before embarking on cooperation with the vendor.

Advantage: the benefits and value addition of specific IoT concepts can be tested and verified regardless of the vendor's interest concerning the hardware, software and network.

The ROI IoT Fab has the necessary technical equipment at all layers such as, for example, sensors, microprocessors and Cloud platforms. The technologies deployed are state-of-the-art, such as, for example, MongoDB, Apache Sparks Analytics, Hadoop Cluster, 3D printer etc.).

The ROI Lean Fab provides the opportunity of managing specific manufacturing processes with IoT technologies and thus verifying the potential benefits. An effect in the process that must not be underestimated: the mind-set of the employees undergoes a change and the qualification regarding IoT is promoted substantially.

In the next step, the Minimum Viable Products, i.e. functional products, which meet only minimal requirements in the context of being implementable, are developed in the ROI IoT Fab.

ROI Ecosystem

A significant requirement for successfully developing IoT solutions  is the coorporation with  partners. ROI consulting built a vast network of partner companies and technology specialists. Our extended network with European and global technology start-ups is both, a source of inspiration and a pool of potential partners for our clients. The ROI partner ecosystem enables even medium-sized companies without own partnering capabilities to benefit from combined innovations.

IoT Congress and German Industrie 4.0 Award

Systematic benchmarking, cross-industry monitoring of leading Industry 4.0 practices, regular exchange with pioneers.

The Trade Journal 'Produktion' and ROI Management Consulting are awarding the 'Industry 4.0' Award for the third time. The recent prize was awarded at the 3rd Trade Congress Industry 4.0 'Practice, Practice, Practice' on 1st December 2015 in Saarbruecken.

Companies eligible to participate in the contest are required to deploy individual production solutions such as…

  • Apps, assistant systems, physical Man-Machine-Interaction/Robotics,
  • Implement pilot projects for new business models or…
  • Drive holistic Industry 4.0 solutions that have integrated an entire production location horizontally and/or vertically.

An expert jury (see below) votes on the submissions base on criteria such as the of degree of innovation, economy and efficiency, practical suitability and achieved customer benefits.

Your companiy participation is free of charge.

Jury of the 'Industry 4.0 Award'

  • Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Bauer, Head of Institute, Institute for Industrial Science and Technology Management IAT of the University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organisation IAO
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauernhansl, Head of Institute, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation IPA
  • Prof. Dr. Guenther Schuh, Vice Rector, Chair of Production Systematics, RWTH Aachen
  • Hans-Georg Scheibe, Chief Excecutive Officer, ROI Management Consulting AG, Munich
  • Eduard Altmann, Chief Editor, Trade Journal “Produktion”
  • Claus Wilk, Assistant Chief Editor, Trade Journal “Produktion”

'Industry 4.0 Award' entries will be judged based on submitted questionnaires as well as on local visits  to the finalists. Special prizes may be awarded for specific topics.

The winners of the "Industry 4.0 Award" so far:

2013 Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Regensburg.
2014 Bosch Rexroth AG, factory in Homburg.
2015 Robert Bosch GmbH, factory in Blaichach

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