Asia is expected to remain by far the most important global growth region in the coming decades. China will play a stand-out role: as a sales market, sourcing, development and production location, and increasingly also as a global hotspot for innovation. The modernisation initiatives of the Chinese government, in particular their long-term and ambitious industrial policy are driving the transformation of the country into a modern economy and open up great opportunities for local and Western companies. 

Digitization plays a key role in this. Both domestic and Western companies are investing massively in Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) know-how and the development of smart factories. China’s rapidly growing digital platforms and advances in areas such as artificial intelligence also require clear strategic responses from companies operating in the country. 

At the same time, China is characterised by unprecedented cultural, technological and economic complexity and enormous competitive momentum. Western companies in particular have been experiencing a substantial reduction in profit margins for several years. Tougher competition, increasingly from knowledge-intensive domestic companies, higher factor costs, difficult access to resources and personnel, as well as demanding legal and political structures represent major challenges for success on the Chinese market. Consistent increases in profitability, quality, staff qualifications and delivery is therefore essential for continued existence in the potentially largest market in the world. 

ROI has been active in China for many years with its own subsidiary. ROI Management Consulting Co. Ltd. in Beijing is our hub for providing support to both leading Chinese companies as well as the Asian subsidiaries and joint ventures of our European and American customers. With European-Chinese teams of experts, we help to ensure high operational excellence, quality and productivity, and pass on strategies, best practices and standards and adapt these to the specific framework conditions in the country. Our extensive expertise in Industry 4.0, industrial digitisation and digital lean management plays a key role in this. We also pool this knowledge in our learning factory in Kunshan, where local employees and executives are trained in practical and application-oriented ways of dealing with the methods and technologies of lean management and Industry 4.0.

Range of services ROI China

  • Support for site search and set-up
  • Start-up support for new products or sites (ramp-up management)
  • Planning and implementation of Industry 4.0, smart factory and IoT initiatives: design of Industry 4.0 solutions in operations (process and capability driven, not technology-oriented)
  • Production strategy
  • Planning and development of production systems in accordance with lean management principles specifically customised for China
  • Operational performance improvement (operational excellence/OPEX); processes, organisation, staff, equipment and space productivity
  • Quality offensives and development of quality management systems (closed-loop problem-solving systematics)
  • Shop floor management and KPI systems
  • 5S programmes
  • Supplier development and qualification
  • Development of a regional development organisation
  • Process design in the area of product development and shortening lead times in application engineering/new product introduction (NPI)
  • Professionalisation of project management
  • Accompanying training programs on lean management, digitisation and management concepts 

Contact information: ROI Office Peking (China)