Central and South America

The countries of Central and South America form an economic area with more than half a billion people who have a great cultural proximity to Europe, enormous natural resources and a sometimes very well-developed industrial infrastructure. Mexico and Brazil in particular have consolidated their position as the growth engines of the continent in recent decades. 

Despite the political uncertainties, Latin American countries are investing in the industrialisation of the region, strengthening local value added, the expansion of infrastructure and increasing educational standards. This development is still opening up opportunities, especially for European industrial companies – but it requires a detailed knowledge of the local suppliers landscape, infrastructural peculiarities and cultural specifics. At the same time, comprehensive expertise in relevant legal and tax regulations is essential to build a stable and sustainable basis for a long-term presence. 

Mexico, which is part of North America, geographically speaking, is especially important. As proven and affordable manufacturing base for local, North American and European companies, the country plays a pivotal role on the continent. As a member of NAFTA, the country has close relations to the USA and Canada and is a key component of the North-American footprint of many manufacturing companies. At the same time, Mexico also provides access to the other Central and South American markets with which it is culturally closely linked. The consulting firm ROI supports companies in setting up locations in Mexico with a broad portfolio of services. 

    Range of services: ROI Mexico

    • Support for site search and set-up
    • Start-up support for new products or sites (ramp-up management)
    • Integration of the Mexican production site into the global supply chain, taking into account the tax and tariff framework conditions 
    • Operational performance improvement (operational excellence/OPEX) with a focus on processes, organisation, staff, equipment and space productivity
    • Establishment of quality management systems and effective shop floor management