Establishing and optimising locations in Eastern Europe

Due to their comparably moderate wage levels, geographic and cultural proximity, and, in an international comparison, good education standards, Eastern European countries are strategically speaking an extremely important region for industry in Western Europe.

At the same time, establishing a production location in Eastern Europe presents companies with numerous challenges. These are occasioned by, on the one hand, significant discrepancies with respect to wage costs and infrastructure between individual countries and even parts of the same country, which result in a considerable lack of transparency in evaluating potential locations. On the other hand, it is primarily the differences in terms of leadership culture, quality understanding, and governance that make a successful involvement in Eastern Europe subject to challenging conditions.

In a variety of projects, ROI consulting has gathered extensive experience in establishing production locations in Eastern Europe. We support SMEs and groups during the entire process – location search, establishment and optimisation of development, production, and logistics, and the training of employees and executives. A strong team of mother-tongue experts ensures efficient communication and a precise understanding of the relevant project and basic conditions.

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