Software development

Procedure – Processes – Organisation

The success of modern software development depends on a number of factors that go far beyond the correct coding and choice of programming language. To create and deliver software efficiently and successfully, you need a development environment adapted for organisation, problem creation and complexity. This environment includes:

  • An appropriate approach model
  • Robust, lean processes
  • An appropriate organisational set-up
  • A corresponding toolchain
  • Well-trained people in a motivating, productive environment

ROI supports you by designing and improving a process model that suits you. Using agile principles and a preceding analysis of your previous ways of working and challenges, we work with you to develop a procedure that fits your organisation as well as your requirements and challenges. Here, we place particular emphasis on adapting known models based on your and our practical experience to provide you with a successful model and not some theoretical construct.

We analyse your development processes and support you in the design, improvement and roll-out of these. In line with the procedure model and processes, we consider your organisation and help you to set it up and align it optimally for the efficient development of your software.
In order to respond quickly to changing market conditions and volatile requirements with your development team, we support you not only in the implementation and anchoring of agile working methods (e.g. SCRUM or Kanban) in your organisation, but especially with the challenges involved with scaling these working methods over several/larger organisational units (Agile@Scale, e.g. Nexus or SAFe).

We also examine your toolchain and help you improve tool deployment and tool support in your software development environment. Here, we focus on the lean and effective orientation of the tools so that they support your processes and do not become an efficiency bottleneck.

Of course, we examine your existing software with regard to technical debt and its impact on your development efficiency. Based on these studies we support you with strategic development decisions regarding re-engineering, re-architecting, or sunset & rewrite.

All these measures, from the analysis and the creation of the target organisation and target processes up to implementation and roll-out, we support you with accompanying measures tailored to your needs in order to anchor this change successfully and permanently in your organisation. Here we place special emphasis on ‘piloting’ and ‘living’ the new methods, processes and roles.

This focus leads us to the area of your employees. Based on our premise that software development is a ‘people business’, we support you with methods and procedural training as well as corresponding support for development managers in terms of management coaching and mentoring. At the same time, we support and accompany you through the change process you with various measures. In this way, we help you to set up improved methods and processes in your company so that you can develop your software more efficiently and with a higher quality.