Consulting Agile Product Development

Cutting down on product development times by agile project management

Short product development cycles have the highest priority on the agenda of innovative companies. However, the uncertainty associated with innovations and the immaterial nature of R&D services pose special chall­enges to the management of the throughput man­agement.

Agile product management relies on two as­pects for reducing the throughput time:

  • Dealing actively with uncertainty
  • Limiting the work-in-process

Dealing actively with uncertainty means that the focus does not lie on a plan specified while starting the project but instead on creating and utilising options by…

  • Rapid feedback for validating ideas and concepts
  • "Staged freezing" of requirements
  • Set-based engineering
  • Continuous customer contact
  • "Minimum viable products" instead of perfect solutions
  • Phase-oriented planning

Agile project management combines these approaches with a control model for the work-flow that ensures restricting the work-in-process in the development units and consequently the throughput time (e.g. SCRUM). The prerequisite for this is transparency in the work-in-process and in cost-of-delay oriented prioritisation rules for the clearance and control of work packages.

For the introduction of agile concepts, ROI Consulting relies on the application of principles and methods that have been adapted to the respective situation and circumstances of innovation.

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