Consulting Cost Engineering and 'Design to X'

Consolidate contradictory requirements successfully and align them to value for the customer

The ROI approach towards cost engineering relies on specific product positioning. Selected methods of product design ensure a product design and functions that are oriented towards value for the customer. Starting from the combination of various product features, among other things, those attributes are determined in the Quality Function Development (QFD) that makes the maximum contribution to achieving value for the customer.

Another part of the procedure of ROI Consulting is based on breaking the maximum total costs accepted in the market by determining the target cost. Benchmarking with internal manufacturing and competitors' products as well as principles for design to manufacturing, assembly and service provide a decisive impetus for proper product design. What is also decisive is the cooperation between cross-functional teams beyond all phases of development, in which the teams consider the complex interactions of function, efficiency and economy, manufacturing feasibility and utility in a holistic manner.

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