Consulting Global R&D Footprint

Designing worldwide development networks

The classical model of a centralised development organisation will lose significance in an increasingly networked world. On the contrary, the global access to know-how and human resources will take centre stage.

Therefore, the positioning of R&D in global network hierarchies will become the core task of management with the issues of…

  • Role models for development locations
  • Cooperation models for distributed development hierarchies
  • Governance hierarchies for global R&D
  • Connecting the R&D to local development networks (research facilities, suppliers, customers etc.)
  • Global System Infrastructure
  • Skills and know-how transfer within the company

ROI Consulting supports you on the way to the global R&D development system. Based on your corporate strategy, the current R&D footprint is evaluated and potential options for the future are identified and presented.  ROI Consulting develops together with you a strategic vision for the R&D footprint and derives the short-term and medium-term milestones from this with the relevant steps for implementation.

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