Development and optimization of software for the manufacturing industry

Avoiding "spaghetti code"

By digitizing software applications, firmware and electronics in mechanical, plant and vehicle manufacturing are playing an increasingly important role. Many businesses are not sufficiently prepared for this trend: mature software structures (spaghetti code), inadequate skills in software development and the lack of methods for the management of software resources are causing high costs and inefficiencies. As a result, innovations often can not be developed and implemented in line with the market.

The consistent refactoring of software structures and their integration into sustainable platforms is the solution that enables fast, secure and cost-effective use and further development of the software. In this process, the team of ROI Management Consulting is the ideal partner. We have both long experience in streamlining and reorganization of existing software structures as well as extensive knowledge of the latest methods of software development such as unit testing, Static Code Analysis and Continuous Delivery and adequate project management methods such as SCRUM and AGILE.

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