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Management consultancy for lean production

The global manufacturing and logistics network is the operational core of every industrial company. In order to be able to react flexibly to both continuous and abrupt changes in market and customer requirements and to grow profitably at the same time, a permanent and controlled further development of the production systems is necessary.

This requires strategies and concepts that focus on process excellence, cost efficiency, innovation, a lean, customer-oriented organization and consistent digitization. This is the basis for manufacturing and logistics networks to make their contribution to securing the long-term competitiveness and profitability of a company.

This task is more than demanding. The manufacturing strategy must be derived from the corporate strategy and operationalized, the cost structures must remain lean while increasing flexibility, the opportunities arising from technological development and Industry 4.0 must be used in a targeted manner, and the increasing complexity must be mastered and reduced at the same time. In addition, employees must be qualified and empowered so that they can perform these tasks with confidence.

This requires a perspective that encompasses every relevant aspect of the industrial value chain: from strategic decisions and the development of the global production map (Global Manufacturing Footprint) to technologies, systems, processes and qualifications in the factory and the supplier network. 

ROI-EFESO is one of the most recognized specialists for industrial transformation and best practice design of manufacturing and logistics.

Our comprehensive methodical know-how, technical and industry expertise as well as detailed knowledge of the relevant technologies, concepts and best practices around LEAN and Industry 4.0 make us an ideal partner in this demanding environment. 

In detail, our range of services in the field of production and logistics covers the following topics: 

Case Study

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Standards for operational excellence in an international group of plants

20 global plants of an automotive supplier have operated largely independent of each other. In order to tap value creation potential, the company quickly built up the necessary OPEX know-how together with ROI and created structured operations processes that function internationally.

Case Study

Bild einer Maschine in der Autoindustrie

Quality improvement in the automotive industry

A leading global automotive manufacturer wanted to mobilize and accelerate its entire network of nine factories in terms of costs and quality.

With ROI, the Group established a completely new football-inspired practice of competing for championship leadership. The project team thus dynamised rigid plant structures and work routines.

Case Study

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Quality excellence

To bring quality management to a new level of performance, the right combination of proven measures and new technologies must be found. ROI's lean supply chain management approach enables companies to evolve in many ways in terms of quality.

Case Study

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Reducing complexity through standardization

A textile machinery manufacturer wanted to reduce the variance and complexity within the product portfolio. The core objectives: cost reductions and strengthening of the position in the Chinese market. With ROI's expertise in China, a solid, regional supplier network was established within a short period of time.

Case Study

Bild eines Laborarbeiters in der Elektobranche
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Quality in production

A medical technology company wanted to reduce the number of defects in the production line of one of its top products by a factor of 10. Together with ROI, the company identified the appropriate starting points and ensured quality improvements that can also be scaled to other product lines.

Case Study

Bild einer Industrieanlage

OPEX - ROI Model

A steel group implemented an OPEX strategy with ROI at almost 200 locations. The goal: to use energies for change not simply free, but focused and result-oriented. So that operational processes are not only better, but also excellent.

Case Study

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Lean Digital Manager

The ROI certification program for "Lean Digital Manager" shows how digitization of lean production works. It combines lean management strategies with industry 4.0 technologies.

Case Study

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Restructuring and cost reduction in mechanical engineering

A company in the plant and mechanical engineering sector had to secure its competitiveness. ROI identified all the parameters for the necessary changes at a production site in Germany and started the turnaround with a multi-faceted restructuring approach.

Case Study

Eine Fabrikhalle in der der ein Roboter die Arbeit verrichtet

Factory of the future

In the complex world of special plant engineering, ROI developed a customised “Factory of the Future” for a manufacturing company to improve product quality, reduce costs and facilitate project planning.