Digital Shopfloor Management

Digital Shopfloor Management is the further development of the classic concept of on-site management, which offers far-reaching potential especially in the context of industry 4.0. Especially in cross-team and cross-location processes and projects, intelligent systems can contribute significantly to the optimization and efficiency increase of communication, provide for high transparency of processes and resources and establish standards - for example for efficient meetings. In particular, the focus is on the visualization and real-time availability of operative process and performance indicators, effective and cross-location knowledge distribution, and the use of digital assistance systems that support the early identification of problems and their causes and the definition of countermeasures.

The use of Digital Shopfloor Management tools helps to initialize improvement initiatives and OPEX projects quickly and efficiently. On the one hand, operational fault and action management is improved. On the other hand, manufacturing managers are also supported in their overall task. The main focus here is on shift and employee deployment planning (e.g. presence and qualification of employees), resource planning and control (e.g. line inventory and ranges, OEE, cycle times, quantities, maintenance, materials) or quality management. The Digital Shopfloor Management can also be further developed to a Digital Plant Management, whereby all competences, abilities and functions required for a fully functional plant are integrated.

With a key figure cascade, process key figures and target/actual deviations can be clearly and transparently recorded and measured at every company level. ©

ROI supports companies in the holistic planning and implementation of Digital Shopfloor Management from conception to a culture of continuous improvement through a holistic and practice-oriented optimization of Shopfloor Management:  

  • Backend: Automated recording of operating and machine data (PDA / MDA), process parameters, measurement data and material movements as well as the guarantee of component traceability enable
  • Application level: fault and action management, production and staff deployment planning as well as automated identification and analysis of weak points
  • Frontend: Cross-site consolidation of data sources and user-friendly provision via shop floor boards and apps, ensuring defined standards and KPIs and real-time visualization of processes, value streams, inventories and ranges as well as the implementation of management by exception tools. 

Case Study

Bild einer Maschine in der Autoindustrie

Quality improvement in the automotive industry

A leading global automotive manufacturer wanted to mobilize and accelerate its entire network of nine factories in terms of costs and quality.

With ROI, the Group established a completely new football-inspired practice of competing for championship leadership. The project team thus dynamised rigid plant structures and work routines.

Case Study

Bild eines Laborarbeiters in der Elektobranche
©ARRI Group

Quality in production

A medical technology company wanted to reduce the number of defects in the production line of one of its top products by a factor of 10. Together with ROI, the company identified the appropriate starting points and ensured quality improvements that can also be scaled to other product lines.

Case Study

Zwei sitzende Frauen klatschen
Lean Digital Manager ©S_L/

Lean Digital Manager

The ROI certification program for "Lean Digital Manager" shows how digitization of lean production works. It combines lean management strategies with industry 4.0 technologies.

Case Study

Close-up einer Maschine

Restructuring and cost reduction in mechanical engineering

A company in the plant and mechanical engineering sector had to secure its competitiveness. ROI identified all the parameters for the necessary changes at a production site in Germany and started the turnaround with a multi-faceted restructuring approach.