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Designing manufacturing networks

Powerful manufacturing and logistics networks today form part of the mandatory responsibility of every corporate management. In the process, this is about much more than just cost benefits in wages by relocating to Eastern Europe or China. It means finding company-specific solutions for the following solutions – since there is no patented recipe applicable to all:

  • Matching depth of value addition
  • Global technology concept / Manufacturing standards
  • Distributing competences over the locations
  • Overall optimum from the manufacturing and supply chain costs
  • Global capacity and investment planning
  • Balance of global and local sourcing
  • Utilizing flexibility tools typical of a given country
  • Global training and qualification programs

ROI Consulting has developed a modular approach for this purpose, the success of which has been proven in several projects. 

Phase 1: Requirements of the network:

What is the contribution that the functional levels must make to achieve the growth targets and corporate goals?

  • Market and customer requirements
  • Delivery lead times, reaction capabilities and cost targets
  • Sales targets by regions and products
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Strategic corporate framework

Phase 2: Performance capability ACTUAL (optional):

What potential does the present hierarchy have and what potential needs to be enhanced by fundamental modifications to the hierarchy?

  • Standardized audits for operational performance
  • Evaluating the supply chain
  • Internal and external benchmarking

Phase 3: Developing scenarios

In which scenarios can manufacturing develop from a cost factor to a competitive factor?

  • Coordinating the solution space / network model / fixed points
  • Specifying the depth of value addition and core competences
  • Hierarchy and role of the factories and vendors
  • Distributing the technologies and manufacturing costs
  • Procurement strategy and make-or-buy
  • Management and control concept
  • Initial evaluation and highlighting the need for modifications

Phase 4: Evaluation, recommendation and implementation planning

What target image and which implementation strategy has the best cost-benefit ratio?

  • Factor of cost differences
  • Investment and implementation cost and effort
  • Quality of the solution / Contribution to the strategic positioning
  • Efficiency of suppliers
  • Feasibility and risks
  • Stage planning
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