Consulting for operational excellence in production

Holistic design of the end-to-end supply chain

Operational excellence (OPEX) is a management philosophy. It strives for customer orientation, quality and efficiency in all areas. This succeeds with proven optimizing methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma or Business Process Re-engineering. Moreover, OPEX relies on a cross-functional utilization of corporate know-how and quick implementation of best practices. ROI Consulting offers modules for a strategy of operational excellence and its successful implementation.

Phase 1: Strategic and operational position determination

  • Definition of the OPEX scope
  • Requirements from the corporate strategy
  • Assessment of relevant processes and functions
  • Comparison with best practices (internal, external)
  • Competitors' benchmarks
  • Deriving potential and fields of action

Phase 2: Ideal concept, KPI system and the initial pilot projects

  • OPEX Framework = Principles of realignment (e.g. value flow focus, technology strategy, process standardization, supply chain integration and process quality)
  • Specifying the methods
  • KPI set for operational excellence
  • Pilot projects
  • Training the OPEX experts

Phase 3: Roll-out, best practices sharing and qualification

  • Consolidation of the pilot projects
  • Regulations for adaptation of best practices
  • Roll-out
  • Target group-specific qualification

Success factors of operational excellence

Operational excellence cannot be prescribed. Hence, intensive integration of those involved is the basic prerequisite. In addition, the strong orientation to internal best practices is extremely motivating.

Moderation by external agencies helps primarily in being able to work effectively beyond the departmental boundaries. This is where ROI Consulting offers expertise in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Logistics and SCM.

We achieve transparency in the OPEX process with the help of customized and IT-supported KPI systems. This is because only a transparent presentation of the performance achieved also ensures the sustainability of the OPEX process.

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