Operational Excellence (OPEX)

Is it possible to do a good job even better? And not just once, but every day?

Operational excellence, or OPEX, provides the answers to the question of how a company’s operational structures and processes can be continually improved. Operational excellence focuses entirely on efficiency and effectiveness while reducing waste and losses across the entire value chain: Production, procurement, and logistics make just as much of a contribution as do research and development, design, and sales. Operational excellence also promotes excellence awareness in the company and motivates employees to continually innovate.

Ideally, this leads to autonomous value streams: If there are breaks in the value circuit or potentials for optimising it, the responsible employees can close or exploit them directly without the intervention of management, with the use of cross-sector best practices being systematised.

Operational excellence thus becomes a pre-condition to sustainable success, particularly in dynamic, highly competitive markets.

On the basis of a comprehensive methodology and many years of project experience, ROI consulting develops customised OPEX strategies that are tailored precisely to the specific requirements of your company and your market environment.

Operational excellence (OPEX) aims at the holistic improvement of all company functions. In the process, the approach offers particularly great potentials in the following areas:



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