Knowledge of methods and their practical application for greater success in learning

The theoretical understanding of operative excellence or learning principles is insufficient if you really want to develop yourself in a sustainable manner. Experience with application is the key to success. It is only when both are combined during training that the participants will subsequently find themselves in a position to successfully implement what they have learned in their fields.

The corporate consultancy company ROI offers comprehensive training modules for employees of all departments and hierarchy levels. In combination with an ROI consultancy project, the training offer is an optimal approach in order to set up internal knowledge and anchor it independently in the company's business divisions.

Regardless whether within or independent of a consulting project, companies prepare themselves by establishing methodic skills to achieve operatitional excellence.

Shared Economy for Knowledge of Methods

The holistic ROI training approach in accordance with the blended learning methods follows an innovative training concept that combines e-Learning with Face2Face training modules. The direct training units take place either in one of the ROI learning factories (Munich, Prague or Shanghai) or at your company premises. The concept of the learning factories stands for 'Learning by Experience' – the training modules are designed in accordance with a motivational game-based approach (learning by playing). In the course of the modular training programme, the contents are communicated and taught clearly while taking regional, hierarchical and company-specific features and characteristics into consideration.

The ROI training proposal is rounded off with a certification concept that combines and supplements practical application in day-to-day life at work with goal-oriented coaching.

Overview of the Training Contents:

  • Lean development
  • Product strategy and product design
  • Lean production systems that are "Just-in-time"
  • Lean supply chain
  • Lean control with SAP
  • Training on methods
  • Shop floor management
  • Lean administration
  • Change management
  • Leadership in lean organisations

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