Supply Chain planning and forecasting

Designing a consistent supply chain planning system

The environment of Sales & Operations (S&OP) planning is extremely demanding:

  • Volatile demand and difficult to forecast
  • Complex, global supply chains
  • Various disturbance variables and supply risks

The variety of the influencing factors make planning and control processes one of the most difficult tasks of supply chain management. Together with our customers, we develop approaches to find the best possible solutions for these challenges:

  • Segmentation of the customers in order to be able to offer affordable logistics services appropriate for the customer
  • Specifying the forecast accuracy necessary
  • Streamlining the design of organizational interfaces, clear-cut responsibilities even in complex organizations
  • Integrating customers and vendors in the planning process
  • Determining the potential bandwidths of flexibility
  • Developing emergency plans and alternative scenarios in cases of external interference and supply problems
  • Managing inventory based on dynamic target ranges
  • Designing intelligent forecast and planning processes with adapted granularity
  • Supporting with IT systems, apps, improved algorithms and analysis, more powerful planning tools and alert functionalities
  • Qualifying the employees

ROI Consulting provides you with comprehensive support in relation to the design and implementation of holistic supply chain planning. The basis for this consists of an efficient process model and comprehensive industry-specific best practice concepts and processes.

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