Consulting inventory management (working capital management)

Optimal sizing of inventories

Identifying the "right" inventories, in order to eliminate those that are unnecessary – this is one of the most important levers in the optimization of the working capital.

Inventory reduction projects are successful if they involve the entire value added chain and identify and consider the interdependencies between various individual elements.

Typical ROI working capital optimization projects include:

  • Immediate measures for claims and liabilities management
  • Detailed analysis and segmentation of the inventories
  • Analysis of the cash-to-cash-cycle
  • Design and integration of the logistics chain
  • Cooperation with customers and vendors (e.g. JIT, JIS, VMI)
  • Determining dynamic target ranges based on the article classes, using data from the sales and forecast models
  • Improved forecast and planning models for the entire supply chain
  • Reduction of execution times in all processes
  • Change management and project-supporting qualification measures for ensuring the results achieved

In the process, ROI Consulting deploys highly developed tools in order to be able to process even extreme data volumes quickly and reliably.




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