Consulting Lean Supply Chain Management

Establishing lean value chains

Lean Supply Chain Management (Lean SCM) means transferring the centralized lean principles to the supply chain management and avoiding wastage on a consistent basis:

  • Customer orientation –Consistent alignment of the entire system to the desires of the external and internal customers and realization of the customer file
  • Value addition orientation – Avoiding all activities classified as being wasteful
  • 0-Error – achieving this by continuous improvement of the ideal error-free processes step by step
  • Standardization and Visualization – Defining and visualizing standards as the basis for continuous improvement
  • Flow principle – Allowing materials and information to flow, having inventories and buffers only where they are actually necessary and improving the interaction of sub-processes and team
  • Local management – Principles for managers in order to improve the quality of management and utilize the skills and capabilities of employees optimally
  • Performance management – Choosing the right performance variables, on-going measurement and setting up closed control loops

Every company is different. This is why ROI Consulting very carefully checks the principles and best practices that can be transferred and, at the same time, takes the specific characteristics of the respective company into consideration.

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