Materials flow, inventory logistics, and distribution

Optimisation of inventory and distribution processes in the supply chain

ROI Consulting has the necessary know-how, market knowledge and methods in order to design and support the implementation of best-in-class processes and hierarchies within the framework of supply chain management. This is equally applicable to the fields of materials flow, material provision, pick-and-place and conveyor equipment, as well as for inventory and distribution.

The typical issues in this connection include:

  • How should a network with warehousing locations and transition points be designed optimally?
  • What is the potential for enhancing efficiency in the inventory management and transport processes?
  • What is the appropriate technology to be deployed and is it worth it?
  • What is the contribution that development and manufacturing need to make for a cost-optimized supply chain?
  • What are the transport and inventory management services that need to be outsourced?
  • What are market-driven prices?
  • How can lean inventories be implemented?
  • How can the maintenance of material flow systems be optimized through the usage of IoT?
  • Who are the right service providers for various logistics services?
  • How can you evaluate and control service providers?
  • What are the IT tools necessary for scheduling, inventory management, route planning etc.?
  • With which tools should the logistics performance be measured in the future?

We support network design with the simulation tool diPlan© that we have developed, which carries out website simulations accurately and in detail. All conceivable supply chain scenarios can be reproduced; access to current freight costs is also possible, just as those of standard costs in Europe, Asia and America. Highly complex models of non-linear interactions deliver the basis for decision-making for the design of future networks. diPlan© was successfully deployed in numerous industries, including the automotive industry, consumer goods industry, wholesale, and many more.

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