IT-Management in the supply chain

Using IT Systems in the Supply Chain in a user-oriented manner

Reasonable IT support is a significant requirement for the successful management of complex supply chains. The typical issues in such situations are:

  • Which IT systems are actually needed by companies so that they can control their supply chain efficiently?
  • What is the correct software strategy? Everything via one homogeneous system (such as SAP) or the integration of the separate best-of-breed solutions?
  • What achieves uniformity in the supply chain processes and systems within the Group of companies?
  • Can the requirements be mapped with classical ERP systems or is it necessary to use advanced planning systems (such as, for example, SAP-APO)?
  • Is it necessary to use a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for planning and controlling the manufacturing processes?
  • Is it economical to deploy RFID, stacker control systems and other technologies?
  • How do you ensure the visibility and traceability across the entire supply chain?
  • What are the new options created by Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things / IoT) technologies for networking with customers and vendors?

ROI Consulting supports these issues with a combination of best practice and IT know-how as well as a modular process model that is adapted to the specific individual task. Typical tasks include:

  • IT strategy and IT roadmap
  • ERP, APS and MES optimization
  • Lean ERP and MES concepts
  • Evaluating different IT scenarios
  • Manufacturer-independent choice of suitable IT systems and providers
  • Execution and implementation jointly with partner companies that are specialized in the respective systems (e.g. SAP-ERP/BI/SCM)
  • Global process and system harmonization
  • Business IT alignment



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