DIGITAL PROCESS TWIN - Boosting efficiency in manufacturing

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ROI Dialog Issue 55: DIGITAL PROCESS TWIN - Boosting efficiency in manufacturing

  • Step by Step to a Virtual Process Twin
    In addition to increasing efficiency and quality, the approach of the "Digital Process Twin" offers new possibilities in the evaluation, control and qualification of suppliers. We name the most important starting points for companies.
  • Digital Figure of the "Component DNA"
    An example for a successful Digital Twin application in gear production, explained by Hartmuth Müller, Head of Technology and Innovation at Klingelnberg GmbH.
  • Holistic Manufacturing Management with Digital Process Twins
    In manufacturing, digital twins should not only be limited to machines and products, but should represent the whole manufacturing processes and value stream as well. We describe three landmarks for the evolution from the Digital Twin to the Digital Process Twin.
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