ROI INDUSTRY 4.0 AWARDS China 2018 - powered by Ringier

The winners are determined in the 2018 round of the ROI INDUSTRY 4.0 AWARDS CHINA.




The ROI Industry 4.0 Awards have been carried out in Germany since 2013 to honor Industry 4.0-like capability upgrades in the manufacturing industry. The target group of the Awards are producing companies who have realized such upgrades in their production system, either as a whole or within a defined pilot section. To honor industrial progress in China ROI & Ringier Events brought the Awards to China for the first time in 2017, and due to outstanding resonance in the community continue with another round in 2018.

Why Awards?

Engineers and Operators are humble. Every day they create progress for society, but rarely talk about it. And they are even more rarely being talked about. The Awards here aim to improve this. To give praise and recognition to common people who work hard every day to advance industrial progress and create higher living standards for all of us. Plus, winning the award builds high brand reputation, association with quality and product superiority, and is a strong proof towards your customers for your power to innovate.

What are the Awards criteria?

The evaluation criteria are level of innovation, economic efficiency, benefits for customers, employees and company, and evident practicality.

Who can apply?

The target group for the Awards are producing companies who have upgraded their business with industry 4.0-like capabilities, either as a whole or within a defined pilot section. For example, such capability upgrades could be in the area of human-machine interaction (e.g. augmented reality), robotics & automation, apps & assistance systems, data analytics (e.g. preventive maintenance), real-time data (e.g. condition monitoring), smart tools, material tracking & tracing, simulations, machine learning/AI, or 3D printing. If your team has done a great job which deserves praise and recognition, then apply.

Technology providers are not eligible for participation, yet they can partner with one of their users and have them apply on their behalf. To identify how the new capability has improved performance, %-like statements are required, e.g. before-after productivity +30%. It is not necessary to state specific process parameters and/or the absolute value of cost savings.


Participation is possible for companies operating in China regardless of location, ownership, or size. In case of winning an award, the participant is obliged not to publish press releases, interviews or PR activities before the results are officially announced by ROI and Ringier. In general, participation in the competition is free of charge. Winners become eligible to use the Awards Logo and make press releases/marketing and/or promotions which refer to winning at the Awards without a license fee required. Winners are eligible to book a post-event promotion package from Ringier to build brand reputation with reference to the Awards.

Review of the Winners Conference 2017

150+ industry elites gathered on the 17th of October in Shanghai to hear about the why – and how – 5 companies managed to win an Award in the 2017 round of the ROI Industry 4.0 Awards China. This years industrial pioneers of China are BOSCH Changsha, Advantech Kunshan, TLD Wuxi & Shanghai, Borche Machinery and Truking Technology.

For the highest degree of fairness, the Awards Jury evaluated the participants based on the Industry 4.0 reference model developed by ROI. The uniqueness of this model is that it examines Industry 4.0 from a process point of view, as opposed to a technology point of view: It gauges the implementation level in eight different areas of the end-to-end value chain, such as customer connection. By doing so, it is much more apparent what needs to get done to achieve an overall optimum instead of 'optimized' islands. "We are looking for capabilities, not technologies" says Timo Schneemann, Vice General Manager of ROI in China. As a result of this selection process, five companies received an award.

You might ask, what is in it for the companies to participate in such a competition? Three reasons. First: An invaluable boost of brand reputation. Second: It is an exercise of confidence building towards customers. Third: Good factories make good products. Plus, surely you have heard the term ‘respect for people’ many times, and may have wondered what it actually means. This is what it means: Giving praise to the people who do the work, both behind the scenes and in front of the curtain. And on top of this, all participating companies gave the same feedback: That by hearing about the journey of others, in a completely different situation, they were able to ‘look beyond the horizon’, engage in point of views they never dare to take themselves, and ultimately get a boost of inspiration for where their own journey might go next. Especially when you are good, you need to pitch yourself against the best.

“Regarding digitalization, China is already playing in a different league. In contrast to Germany here you can pay your utility bills by scanning a code with your phone. The winners of our award are by no means representative for all companies in China, however – high flexibility for changing market conditions and a pioneering spirit are hallmark strengths of China, and this transfers to the industry”, says Timo Schneemann, Vice General Manager of ROI in Beijing. “Not only were the case descriptions impressive in their own right – it also became clear that they are all nested within strategic roadmaps which span years, not months. Leaps in performance don’t come over night but are the result of mindful planning and execution.”

To give you a feel for the conference experience, click here to see impressions of the day, optimized for view on mobile. For a detailed introduction of the Winners of 2017, click here.