ROI Impuls

In more than 3,000 projects for companies around the globe, we have encountered countless challenges, approaches and success stories in the industrial context and successfully accompanied numerous change processes. From the experiences we have been able to gather, we share our learnings at our ROI Impuls events. 

Together with experts from companies, science and research, we provide you with regular best practices and success stories on topics such as ‘Global Operations Footprint Design’, ‘Smart R&D’, ‘Lean Development’ or ‘Quality 4.0’. During the presentations, participants receive practical insights, ideas and concrete tips, for instance on implementing new technologies in the manufacturing environment, optimising processes or building new skills in their own business. 

The monthly ROI Impuls events usually consist of specialist lectures from corporate representatives, ROI consultants and other external experts. The speakers include divisional and project managers, university professors or innovative start-ups. The key findings of the practical presentations are then summarised during a joint round table discussion and then discussed further by the participants at an informal get-together with subsequent dinner. The events take place in the ROI training rooms in Munich and at other ROI locations in Stuttgart and Vienna (depending on the content focus).

ROI Impuls and ROI Impuls Business Breakfast:

Event frequency:

Approx. 10 events a year

Topics (selection):

Smart Factory & Industry 4.0, Change and Transformation Management, Quality Management, Global Footprint Design, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and many others.

Target group:

Various, depending on the focus: Specialists and managers working in manufacturing and production, in particular plant managers, product managers, R&D managers, but also executives, etc. 


Approx. 3–4 hours 

Start: 8am or 4.30pm

Number of participants:

Approx. 25–30 people 


Participation costs nothing

Registration required:


Registration at: