ROI Practical Day ‘Industry 4.0 Specifics’

No nebulous concepts, vague visions or bloated mission statements – instead: pragmatic approaches, concrete questions and high practical relevance. These are the core elements of the ROI Practical Day. 

In particular, the subject of Industry 4.0 is at the foreground: The ROI Practical Day ‘Industry 4.0 Specifics’ regularly attracts digitization experts from leading industrial companies, technology providers and research organisations in order to discuss, together with them, concrete questions about industrial digitization and to identify new solutions for challenges in the manufacturing environment. The topics include, for example, ‘The use of smart wearables in manufacturing’, ‘The mapping of value flows using digital process twins’ or ‘The change in leadership roles in Industry 4.0’. 

The speakers in the past have included Industry 4.0 specialists from companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Continental and BMW as well as representatives from Bitkom. In addition to specialist lectures and (podium) discussions on the respective topics, the participants have the opportunity to try out new technologies in the context of live demonstrations and on the basis of models. The event is aimed at professionals and executives working in manufacturing and production who are dealing with current issues of industrial digitization.

The one-day event takes place once a year in the ROI training rooms in Munich and consists of up to eight specialist lectures as well as several interactively designed breakout sessions, where small groups of participants have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one dialogue and informally exchange ideas.

ROI Practical Day at a glance:

Event frequency:

Once a year

Topics (selection):

Industry 4.0, Smart factory, Data Integration and Management, and many more

Target group:

Specialists and managers working in manufacturing and production, in particular plant managers, product managers, R&D managers, etc. 


All-day event 

(approx. 9 am to 5.30 pm)



Number of participants:

Approx. 60 people 


EUR 200 per person 

(rates may vary, depending on the event)

Registration required:


Registration at: