Experience and competence

Our trainers are experts in their fields and are distinguished by their comprehensive knowledge, industry experience and internationality. They know industry-specific best practice from their own experience and train with an interactive and practice-oriented approach. All of our trainers aim to develop your expertise in operational excellence and digitization/Industry 4.0 in a targeted manner and to effectively support you in transferring your learnings into everyday work life.

Please contact us at training(at) and find out how you can best benefit from the practical experience and know-how of our trainers.

Felix Canales
Product Engineering, Product Management, Design to Cost, Cost Engineering
Portraetfoto von Marc Emde vor grauem Hintergrund
Marc Emde
Product Management, Lean Office, Lean Development
Portraetfoto von Johann Ernst vor grauem Hintergrund
Johann Ernst
Lean Production, Lean Leadership, Shopfloor Management
Bastian Faste
Moderation, Change Management, Organisation Development
Portraetfoto von Martin Groicher vor grauem Hintergrund
Martin Groicher
Industry 4.0/IoT, Lean Production, Digitisation
Portraetfoto von Sebastian Grundstein vor grauem Hintergrund
Dr. Sebastian Grundstein
Digitisation, Data Analytics, Digital Factory
Portraetfoto von Marcel Sambale vor grauem Hintergrund
Marcel Sambale
Lean Production, Lean Office
Portraetfoto von Jonas Van Thiel vor grauem Hintergrund
Jonas van Thiel
Lean Production, Shopfloor Management, Industry 4.0
Portraetfoto von Katharina Oehler vor grauem Hintergrund
Katharina Oehler
Lean Production, Lean Leadership, Shopfloor Management
Dr. Bernhard Burger
Agile Software- and System Development, Requirements Engineering
Zuzana Halasova
Change Management, Leadership, Performance Behavior
Portraetfoto von Robin Wachter vor grauem Hintergrund
Robin Wachter
Data Analytics, Industrial IoT, Advanced Manufacturing