Healthcare and medtech

Big data for personalised medicine, Smart data for fitness and nutrition. Thanks to precision medicine, telemedicine, AI solutions and intelligent assistance systems: the health market is having its pulse taken. ROI helps organisations in the healthcare and medtech sectors to successfully implement legal regulations and digital business models. ROI’s customers include leading companies in the healthcare and medtech industry.

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Case Study

Frau an einer computergesteuerten Medikamentenausgabe

Product Lifecycle Optimization

Due to its heavily decentralized growth, a pharmaceutical group lost sight of structures and process Standards. With the help of ROI, a concrete plan of action needed to jumpstart the global product lifecycle management system as soon as possible.

Case Study

Bild eines Laborarbeiters in der Elektobranche
©ARRI Group

Quality in production

A medical technology company had to reduce the number of errors on the production line for one of its top products by a factor of ten. Strict market regulations limit the means at their disposal.

Case Study

Arbeiter an einer Fertigungsstraße

Qualitiy excellence

Quality is not negotiable, regardless of complexity. To bring quality management to a new level, the right combination of proven measures and new technologies needs to be found.

Case Study

Zwei sitzende Frauen klatschen
Lean Digital Manager ©S_L/shutterstock.com

Lean digital manager

Advantageously combining Lean Management strategies and the benefits of Lean Production with Industry 4.0 technologies.

Case Study

Mann vor einem Laptop mit Digital Twin am Bildschirm

Building a digital twin

One automotive supplier improved the transparency of work and organisational processes in its manufacturing plant for dashboards. The task was to identify and eliminate errors and efficiency losses with a high number of variants and at high speed.