Consulting in the process sector

The process sector – e.g., the chemicals, petroleum, paper, glass, and steel industries – is characterised by its capital-intensive nature. On the one hand, this necessitates (relatively) long planning horizons and investment cycles; on the other hand, sales markets are often cyclical and volatile. Basic regulatory conditions, raw-materials and energy costs, and new competitors, especially from Asia, are increasing the pressure on costs.

In this field, ROI consulting primarily carries out projects to improve operational efficiency. Points of emphasis include, for example, the organisation of R&D, the redesign of all supply chain processes, the reduction of energy costs, and the improvement of plant maintenance and availability through Predictive Maintenance solutions. 

Excerpt from our list of references:

- Bayer
- Didier
- DSM Fine Chemicals
- FreiLacke
- Remmers
- Schott
- Urenco
- Wacker Chemie
- as well as numerous suppliers and companies in plant construction and process technology.

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