Central and South America

The markets in Central and South America, particularly in Brasil, have been characterised by dynamic growth for years. At the same time, the governments of the Mercosur common market are subsidising the comprehensive industrialisation of the region, the raising of local added value, and the expansion of infrastructure. In Brazil alone, state measures planned for the coming years exceed USD 500 billion.

Particularly for European industrial concerns, this development is opening up new opportunities. But it also requires a precise understanding of the local supplier landscape, infrastructure characteristics and deep knowledge of legislation and tax regulations to ensure a stable and enduring basis for a long-term establishment.

Together with local partners, ROI consulting is supporting Western companies in developing a local presence, optimising processes and structures, and increasing operational efficiency in the most important regions of Central and South America.

Consultancy and Facility Set-up in Mexico

In Mexico especially, the management consultants at ROI provide consolidated services ranging from location search, holding negotiations locally to set up the facility and supporting the ramp-up phase of operations. Fully in tune with the Mexican culture, ROI consulting sets up production systems that ensure a high level of quality and productivity. And incorporating the Mexican production facility in the global supply chain as well as taking the tax-based and tariff-based boundary conditions into consideration ensures that the benefits of the facility in Mexico can also be utilised effectively. On-site consultancy is provided with combined teams comprising local employees as well as ROI consultants from Europe who have local experience in Mexico. Local partners from the tax and legal consulting fields supplement our team with their competence.

Interview about success factors in setting up a location in Mexico -
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