Already today, Asian regions are the biggest magnet for direct investments by Western companies, and in the coming decades, they will also be of key importance both as sales markets and as production, sourcing, and development locations. In particular China, but also India, Thailand and, in the future, Indonesia and Myanmar, will offer enormous growth potential for Western industrial concerns.

However, sustainable success with projects in Asia requires a deep understanding of complex local circumstances and constant modification to meet dynamically changing basic conditions. This includes, in particular, continually optimising processes and structures and boosting operational performance.

ROI consulting’s range of services tackles these very challenges and provides support to both Western and Asian companies across the entire value chain: from location search and development, ramp-up management, and localisation of standards and best practices, to planning and carrying out of qualification programmes, and development and implementation of leadership concepts.

ROI’s range of services in China

Boosting operational efficiency in production, supply chain, and product development. Our consulting services in detail:

  • Support in location search and development
  • Ramp-up management for new products and locations
  • Design and enhancement of production systems according to lean management principles modified to be China-specific
  • Operational performance improvement (operational excellence / OPEX); processes, organisation, productivity of employees, plants, and shop-floor space
  • Quality offensives and creation of quality management systems
  • Shop-floor management
  • 5-S programmes
  • Supplier development and qualification
  • Creation of a regional development organisation
  • Process design in product development
  • Professionalization of project management
  • Accompanying qualification programmes on lean-management and leadership concepts

In China as well, we consistently rely on our time-tested consulting approach: short analysis, client-specific concepts, and strong focus on implementation, while also ensuring sustainable results.

Our main aspiration is to transfer time-tested 'Western' best practices and standards to China and to adjust these on-site as best as possible to meet basic local and cultural conditions. We are successful in this as we normally carry out our projects using 'mixed teams': European consultants work hand-in-hand with Chinese colleagues. In China as well, ROI consultants have to demonstrate extensive professional experience.

In this way, we can implement 'quality German work' in China, too – without losing sight of the special characteristics and challenges of this cultural area.

ROI Management Consulting Co., Ltd (a wholly owned ROI company having the legal form of a WOFE) in Beijing is providing expert, on-site advice to Asian branches / partner companies of our European and American clients. 

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