Lean Accounting

Lean Accounting for efficient reporting


Goals & Benefits

Through Lean Accounting, you achieve:

  • Alignment of the accounting system according to Lean aspects
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved informative value of the reporting system

The training imparts the most essential basics of Lean Accounting. You will be able to apply the methods of Lean Accounting and transfer them to your own working environment.


Interactive, sustained learning through theory, best practices and concrete implementation with examples:

  • Relationships between cost accounting and financial ratios and the different perspectives of managers from production, controlling and sales
  • Advantages and disadvantages of traditional accounting in a lean context
  • Requirements for a Lean Accounting system
  • Interaction between key operating figures and key financial figures
  • Methods of Lean Accounting
  • Lean methods for measuring success
  • Establishment of a lean reporting system - key figures cockpit
  • Procedure for the introduction of a Lean Accounting system
  • Success factors and challenges



Target group

  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Professionals and managers from controlling
  • Lean Experts
  • Works Council


1 day

Number of participants

5-15 participants


We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.