Product Industrialization & Ramp-up Management

In the context of a product engineering process (PEP), "industrialization" refers to the phase of transferring a product from development to series production. In this phase, companies integrate a product or a product idea into their manufacturing line(s).

This includes different tasks. In addition to optimizing the product design for mass fabrication, suitable machinery and equipment must be selected. Furthermore, manufacturing guidelines and quality standards have to be developed and employees have to be qualified. Reducing production costs, shortening lead times and ensuring consistent product quality are the classic objectives of product industrialization.

However, in PDP practice, this important issue is often not adequately addressed. This is reflected, for example, in poorly designed interfaces between the project and series organization and between plant locations. In the worst-case scenario, this leads to delayed series start-ups, unnecessary scrap and additional costs, e.g. due to unplanned extra efforts (task forces) or special trips. The economic viability of the product can therefore be jeopardized right at the beginning of the product life cycle.

Closing gaps in the PDP

To solve the challenges of product industrialization - including product ramp-up / ramp-down - ROI-EFESO combines the following measures in a approach specifically tailored to this topic:

  • Using a detailed catalog of questions, we identify and quantify the gaps in the PDP in two dimensions (basis: 250 questions): first, what is the maturity level of current product industrialization? Secondly, what is the actual reality lived out in day-to-day work?
  • This shows the concrete need for action in the PDP, since deviations from best practice standards can thus be measured. The subsequent application of the questionnaire shows the progress made. In addition, we thus avoid inefficient "brainstorming workshops". Instead of subjective opinions, the main purpose of this approach is to exchange factual knowledge in order to derive the best possible PEP.
  • Based on this, we close the identified gaps and use best practice experiences for a targeted and time-saving process (e.g. 3P workshops, APQP). By conducting "Change Readiness Assessments", we take into account the employees' readiness for change from the very beginning and develop customized roll-out guidelines for change management and employee qualification.

Solution paths according to customer needs

Our approach is based on the experience and results of customer projects, is continuously developed by us and adapted in product industrialization projects according to the company's situation and objectives. Our clients benefit from a structured and efficient approach in the following project phases.

Product industrialization: approach of ROI-EFESO

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Project: Design and implementation of a robust, efficient and standardized PDP including product industrialization and ramp-up management at a Tier 1 supplier (approx. 10,000 employees worldwide).


  • Complete elimination of gaps in the existing PDP after one year, especially with regard to product industrialization.
  • Worldwide rollout of the new PDP incl. implementation / employee training.
  • Plants are involved in the PDP and take over at an early stage through local ramp-up managers and sub-project managers with industrialization responsibility.