The digital transformation is a major force in changing the requirements and ways of professional learning and development. Teams are working more virtual and interdisciplinary and are often spread across different locations.  Providing digital learning content in a flexible and adaptive way is therefore crucial to the success of employee qualification in companies and institutions.

The digital learning platform of ROI-EFESO’s LEARNING CAMPUS offers a practical solution to meet the needs of self-learning – regardless of place and time. This implies that learners have instant access to specific knowledge if they need it on-the-job or somewhere else. By using the digital learning platform, organizations pave the way for building a shared and scalable knowledge base, and for enabling their employees to meet the challenges for future learning.

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Operations is our passion

We know how training and qualification can be effectively put into practice in manufacturing companies. We combine our training competence of the LEARNING CAMPUS with our consulting experience in production, supply chain and digitalization. This enables us to provide unique and practice-oriented learning content in contemporary learning formats on our platform – such as short videos, interactive web-based trainings and microlearnings.

More about our Digital Learning Platform

Our training topics

Operational Excellence

Do you want to make your processes leaner and more efficient in production and supply chain? In our training courses, you will learn more about proven methods and procedures for bringing your processes to a new level of performance and maturity.

Digitalization and Industry 4.0

Do you want to ensure that digitalization and Industry 4.0 become efficiency and growth drivers? With our training courses, you can extend your skills for the effective use of data and technologies to prepare yourself for the increasing digitalization in the industry.

Change & Leadership

Would you like to strengthen your leadership and change skills to effectively develop your team? In our trainings you will receive valuable impulses how to master the increasingly complex tasks as a leader and how to improve team performance and motivation.

Your special training advantage

Our platform offers valuable off-the-shelf learning programs for Industry 4.0, Lean Management and Change Management, either for you as an individual or for your team and your organization. You get access to specifically created knowledge contents along our competency models. The standard language of our platform is English, and can be used via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Customized learning: 140 languages and more than 120 avatars

On demand, we can translate the existing learning content in up to 140 different languages and subtitles. Additionally, we can customize the design and content of the E-Learnings and offer you a selection of more than 120 avatars for different cultures and nationalities.


Tayfun Kaymakci

Tayfun Kaymakci

Head of Learning Campus, ROI-EFESO
Tel.: +49 89 1215 90-0

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Marcel Marseiler

Marcel Marseiler

Director Learning Solutions, ROI-EFESO
Tel.: +49 89 1215 90-0

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