German Sustainability Award

Under the motto "from the top to the breadth", the German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis - DNP) honors exemplary sustainability performance by companies. As the largest award of its kind in Europe, the DNP aims to encourage business and the municipal sector to act sustainably.

The DNP has been awarded annually since 2008 by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V. and its cooperation partners. These include the German federal government, the German Council for Sustainable Development, municipal associations and business associations. The winners are honored in various categories for pioneering achievements in the transformation to a sustainable future. The selection criteria are based on the goals of the UN Agenda 2030 and the German Sustainability Strategy.

Sustainability benchmarks from 100 industries

The Business Award is the centerpiece of the DNP. Its winners have long illustrated which approaches work in an exemplary manner. This year, the identification and selection of the pioneering companies in 100 industries is intended to help scale the transformation to sustainability across the breadth and depth of all industries.

The winners of the 100 most sustainable companies in the country will be honored at an event in Düsseldorf on November 23, 2023. Across all industries, awards will also be presented to the most successful solutions in the segments of climate, resources, nature, society and value chain.

Expert jury members from ROI-EFESO

ROI-EFESO is involved in selecting the winners in the expert juries with several industry and topic experts. As a consulting company in the manufacturing industry, we make a substantial contribution to ensuring environmental and social sustainability.

In our projects, we have been helping companies reduce their ecological footprint for many years. At the same time, we show ways to recognize and exploit the opportunities that arise from sustainable corporate action. We are pleased to contribute this expertise to the competition and help raise to an increased awareness of this crucial issue for the future.

Dr. Thomas Troll

Juror for the industries:
Sanitary engineering I Mechanical engineering I Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Tim Ballenberger

“To meet the global sustainability challenges, we need bold and scalable solutions. With the DNP, we manage to identify these solutions and give them the visibility they need.”

Juror for the industries:
Hydraulics, pumps, compressors | Transport infrastructure (incl. ports)

Dr. Jan-Christoph Haag

Juror for the industries:
Motors and turbines I Power generation technology I Energy storage and transmission technology 

Dr. Stefan Kahl

“Pharmaceutical and medical technology companies have set themselves ambitious goals in terms of sustainability. To achieve them, they need a holistic and individual approach with selected methods and tools that also work in the highly regulated environment. Important success factors for achieving these goals are the mobilization of the entire team and the use of the right digital technologies.”

Juror for the industries:
Pharmaceutical industry  |  MedTech

Dr. Kai Magenheimer

Juror for the industries:
Dairy and fresh products I Food and beverages

Fernando Cruzado

“The circular economy and energy efficiency are becoming more central to value creation in the chemical industry. This not only opens up new lucrative business areas such as battery recycling – this focus is an economic necessity in Europe and essential for differentiation in global competition.

We are also seeing that truly circular value chains are only possible in partnerships across industry boundaries. Making these collaborations effective and profitable is another challenge, but also an opportunity for the industry.”

Juror for the industries:
Chemical industry