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Ralf Bechmann

Ralf Bechmann

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Bild einer Maschine in der Autoindustrie
Case Study

Competition like in the Bundesliga: A leading global automobile manufacturer wanted to mobilize and accelerate its entire network of nine factories in terms of costs and quality. With ROI-EFESO, the group established a completely new, soccer-inspired practice of competing for a championship lead. The project team thus dynamized rigid factory structures and work routines.

Case Study

An automotive supplier improved the transparency of work and organizational processes in a production plant for dashboards. With a "Digital Process Twin" from ROI-EFESO, the company reduced the reject rate and made improvement potentials in its value creation networks visible.

ROI Case Studie - Lean Transformation
Case Study

In the lean production system of an automobile manufacturer, a premium model with a wide range of variants and vertical integration rolled off the assembly line. But then the new head of production set the goal of introducing two additional series on the same line within just five months. The company used this challenge to realign its production, increasing the volume of manufactured cars by 85%.

Case Study

An automotive supplier harmonizes production planning and control in ten factory locations around the world. With ROI-EFESO, the company develops a suitable solution concept for a suitable software solution. This enables a standardization of the planning process and thus more flexibility and efficiency. Likewise, a long-term capacity planning of the plant group can be carried out in the new software.

Case Study

A leading automotive manufacturer wants to make its procurement sustainable and measure progress through KPIs. But the goals cannot be achieved via the purchasing side alone - the company needs a company-wide ESG strategy.