Digital Supply Chain Twin

The digital twin of a supply chain represents a virtual mirror image of a supply chain or supply network. Suppliers, the manufacturing company itself and its customers are duplicated in a virtual twin. In addition to real-time monitoring of central performance indicators, imminent critical situations can be identified and prevented in advance. In simulations, different scenarios can be analyzed and potential for improvement can be derived. By means of deep learning, the acquired data can be checked for patterns and correlations in order to identify critical supply chain constellations and derive countermeasures.

Since a complete mapping of a supply network is neither sensible nor realistically feasible, the first step is to identify and describe the critical and important strands of the network. Subsequently, the parameters that are important for the construction of the twin have to be determined and it has to be determined how these can be collected in real time. In the last step, the Digital Supply Chain Twin is built in a cloud application, the partners in the supply chain are connected and the functionality is finally validated. 

Our consultants at ROI-EFESO have extensive experience in the design and construction of digital supply chain twins in terms of content, technology, methodology and industry. The service portfolio includes the following topics in particular:

  • Analysis and conception of business cases for the use of Digital Supply Chain Twins,
  • Vendor-independent technology selection and introduction,
  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analysis,
  • Implementation taking into account the process-related and organisational characteristics of the respective company and its suppliers and customers.


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