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Realize cost reductions and meet customer requirements

Shorter product life cycles and an aggressive global price and quality competition force companies to constantly review their product and manufacturing costs. In volatile industrial markets, the ability to adapt one's own Product portfolio quickly and flexibly to changing customer requirements and thus maximize its "value" is becoming a decisive competitive factor.

Against this background, integrated Value & Cost Engineering (VCE) provides suitable instruments to effectively and quickly optimize the cost-benefit ratio at any point in the product life cycle. This enables ROI-EFESO to put your company in a position to meet customer requirements in the best possible way - at the best possible price. At the same time, VCE helps to reduce time-to-market and thus to secure market shares in highly competitive environments.


Holistic approach as the key to successful product cost reduction

In contrast to traditional cost management, ROI-EFESO's VCE approach is based on a holistic and targeted approach. Based on market and customer requirements, we derive the permissible product costs and support companies in optimizing their manufacturing costs in the process chain - from sales to production. We use a comprehensive set of methods and tools for this purpose.

Value & cost engineering support in all phases of the product life cycle

We accompany our clients through all phases of the product life cycle: from immediate measures to reduce manufacturing costs for existing products, to the redesign of a product family (portfolio), to the institutionalization of measures within a VCE organization.

This includes the following points - used correctly and with emphasis, reductions of 30 to 60% of product manufacturing costs can be achieved. 

Value & cost engineering for (networked) solutions and systems

ROI-EFESO supports you in the realization of significant results by means of value & cost engineering as well as in a corresponding, sustainable organizational development.

In addition to the VCE potential of individual products and components, systems and services offered should also be considered. The associated ecosystems - e.g. providers of networked products and services - should be included in the sense of "shared responsibility and shared benefits". It is also important to consider and optimize the networking of hardware and software in an integrated manner.

Guideline: 10 steps to optimal product design, whitepaper about value & cost engineering

VCE guideline by ROI-EFESO

Improve the ratio of product value to product costs. We list ten measures for value & cost engineering with which you can close the cost delta.

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Case Studies

Aufnahme eines Fertigungsstraße für LED
Case Study

Innovation impulses for lighting designers. The LED revolution has made many business models obsolete, while the wave of digitization and the associated technological change have increased the pace of change by a factor of X. To keep pace here, agile working methods are necessary not only in manufacturing, but also in R&D. Lean methods can prove particularly helpful - but can they be transferred 1:1 from manufacturing to development?

Case Study

Cost transformation from premium to volume provider. Mass manufacturers who expand their Product portfolio into higher price segments are not uncommon. A premium manufacturer of refrigeration appliances, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach. What seems banal from a technological point of view is an enormous challenge from a cost perspective. ROI-EFESO accompanied the company in this demanding transformation project.