Our services for optimizing your cost structures

ROI-EFESO supports companies in identifying and eliminating cost and expense drivers along the entire value and supply chain. In doing so, we look at all areas of the company to identify potential savings – from the supply chain and intralogistics (Inventory Cost Program) to product development (Value & Cost Engineering) and manufacturing (Industrie 4.0 Instant Payback).

Our range of services includes:

For these topics, we develop needs- and industry-specific solutions for the sustainable optimization of cost structures and the sustained strengthening of competitiveness. In doing so, we always make sure that they are anchored in the profit and loss statement, so that cost reduction measures are directly reflected in your company's balance sheet.


Project: Product cost reduction in the business unit of a family-owned company (1 billion turnover worldwide p.a.). Holistic cost reduction programme to stop losses and sustainably improve processes and organisation.

Results: Introduction of a shop floor management as well as production planning led to a

  • – Productivity increase of 22% in the direct and indirect areas
  • – Reduction of backlog by almost 100% 
  • – Reduction of internal defect costs by more than two thirds
  • – Introduction of premium wages
  • – Reduction of consumables by 10%
  • – Increase in inventory turnover rate by 40% 

The implementation of a one-piece flow on the assembly line resulted in an increase in the

  • – EBIT margin by +8.5%
  • – EVA margin by +7% after one year.


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Case Studies - Practical Examples

Case Studies

An international brewery group achieved significant OEE improvements in a WCOM pilot project with ROI-EFESO. ROI-EFESO's case study describes how this success was continued throughout the company's global value network, leading to improvements and savings.

Case Studies

A dairy group identifies the topic of energy efficiency as a lever to cushion cost pressure from falling production volumes. The case study explains, how the company determines with ROI-EFESO suitable starting points for one of its plants. The potential of the measures in terms of possible energy savings, their CapEx and their amortization are specifically quantified.

Case Studies

A packaging manufacturer is strengthening its competitiveness against new market players. In doing so, the group is focusing on economically and ecologically profitable management in line with the “zero-loss” philosophy. With ROI-EFESO's WCOM™ approach, the company improved the detection, elimination and prevention of losses in 24 plants. At the same time, it empowered thousands of employees to pursue and realize Operational Excellence (OPEX).

Case Studies

Benefit from the ROI-EFESO team’s expertise in cost reduction programs, industrial digitalization and the alignment of companies towards operational excellence (OPEX).

Close-up einer Maschine
Case Studies

A plant and mechanical engineering company had to ensure its competitiveness. ROI-EFESO identified all the adjustment screws for the necessary changes at a production site in Germany and got the turnaround going with a multi-layered restructuring approach.

Case Studies

Champions do not rest contentedly with their success, but always have their sights set on the next milestone. A technology group with around 20,000 employees at over 16 locations worldwide is also orienting itself in the direction of such a “North Star”. His starting points: an operational strategy and the initiatives derived from it, which should be implemented at every location in order to make them even more efficient.

Case Studies

Cost transformation from premium to volume provider. Mass manufacturers who expand their Product portfolio into higher price segments are not uncommon. A premium manufacturer of refrigeration appliances, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach. What seems banal from a technological point of view is an enormous challenge from a cost perspective. ROI-EFESO accompanied the company in this demanding transformation project.

Case Studies

With hard targets for the entire operations area, a valve manufacturer is aligning a plant location for the future - and thus securing the site in Germany. Together with ROI-EFESO, the company restructures its manufacturing and logistics and achieves, among other things, an OEE of more than 85%.