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Machinery and plant construction

Smart data, artificial intelligence and self-learning machines give mechanical engineering an enormous boost in the direction of Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Fully automatic control and networking of machines are among the core tasks in many companies. ROI-EFESO supports companies in the mechanical and plant engineering industry in the digitalization of their value chains, the development of new business models, operational excellence and the creation of a global footprint. ROI-EFESO´s customers include leading companies in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

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ROI-EFESO supports its customers in plant construction and mechanical engineering throughout all phases of industrial value creation. Starting with network and site planning to ensure a competitive global footprint, through optimization of existing processes in development, production and logistics, to digital transformation of production systems and development of smart products and services. In addition to Operational Excellence programs and projects to increase performance and optimize costs, this also includes, for example, the adaptation of production systems to the changed variant mix or the introduction of timing and flow principles for large assemblies. In order to harness the potential of digitisation, ROI-EFESO advises its customers on the planning and introduction of Lean Digital and Industry 4.0 technologies, process design for S/4Hana or the development of smart products and services.


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Case Study

The ROI OPEX model: activating excellence forces. You learn from mistakes – this applies to people as well as companies. The important thing is that this leads to continuous improvement. In industry, this falls under the heading ‘operational excellence’, or OPEX for short. Instead of resorting to off-the-shelf solutions, companies should develop their own strategies here. Just like the group from the steel industry that, in this case, successfully implemented the ROI OPEX model at its plants.

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Case Study

Mastering the turnaround. Good balance sheets can create comfort zones. Responding to attacks from competitors? Increasing flexibility in the event of fluctuations in demand? Maybe in five years. If the threat is then suddenly particularly major and acute, many companies prefer to react with drastic measures in one or a few places. This is usually not sustainable. But there are other ways to do this, as a ROI-EFESO project for restructuring a company in the plant and mechanical engineering sector shows. The company tackled all the urgently needed changes and thus returned to the road to success.

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Case Study

Weaving success for China. In China, the label ‘Made in Germany’ stands for innovative power, quality and the high development skills of the manufacturers. This applies to vehicles and household appliances, but also to the textile machines on which garments from T-shirts to haute couture are created for the world market. But the security of their specialisation niche, from which textile machine manufacturers have benefited so far, is eroding.

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Case Study

To bring quality management to a new level of performance, the right combination of proven measures and new technologies must be found. ROI-EFESO's lean supply chain management approach enables companies to evolve in many ways in terms of quality.

Case Study

An automotive supplier improved the transparency of work and organizational processes in a production plant for dashboards. With a "Digital Process Twin" from ROI-EFESO, the company reduced the reject rate and made improvement potentials in its value creation networks visible.

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Case Study

The ROI-EFESO certification program for "Lean Digital Manager" shows how digitization of lean production works. It combines lean management strategies with industry 4.0 technologies.