Sustainability at ROI-EFESO

Our contribution to sustainable industrial and social development

At ROI-EFESO, our approach to sustainability begins with the question of our own impact. We want to recognize the negative effects our activities have on the natural and social environment - and how these can be reduced or avoided altogether. At the same time, we strive to create added value through our work in various aspects of sustainability: in terms of ecological, social, economic or institutional tasks.

We provide transparency in this endeavor with our first ESG report. Here, we present an account for 2022 of our corporate responsibility and our contribution to sustainable industrial and social development.

ROI-EFESO ESG Report 2022

We present our key environmental, social and governance measures and the results for 2022 in detail.

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Our key sustainable development topics

Together with our largest stakeholder groups, our customers and our employees, we identified, prioritized and specified the key ESG topics for ROI-EFESO at the beginning of 2022. These topics are subject to an annual review and the measures derived are adjusted accordingly.

ROI-EFESO materiality matrix

Sustainable development: Environment

We want to continuously reduce our ecological footprint according to the principle of "avoid, reduce, compensate". We are currently focusing on the following areas of action.

Sustainable development: Social

ROI-EFESO stands for open, empathetic and mutually respectful cooperation. Cultural diversity characterizes our company as well as our customer and partner network. We see this as valuable and enriching and as a prerequisite for mutual progress.
At the same time, we rely on the extensive autonomy and self-organization of our employees. We promote flexible, sustainable and healthy working methods and environments in order to support the work-life balance and well-being of employees and their families.

Sustainable development: Governance

Responsible business practices are a central cornerstone of ROI-EFESO's corporate culture. Our Code of Conduct forms the foundation for our actions and provides clear guidelines that must be fully respected by all employees. This Code reflects our commitment to integrity, compliance with all applicable laws and adherence to ethical standards. We are aware that acting responsibly goes far beyond mere compliance with legal requirements.

EcoVadis medal for sustainability performance

According to the EcoVadis sustainability ranking, ROI-EFESO is among the top 35% of companies assessed worldwide. ROI-EFESO is therefore certified with the EcoVadis bronze medal in accordance with the 2024 evaluation scheme.

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EcoVadis Siegel ROI-EFESO

Our sustainability impact in the industry

Working on lean and digital industrialized processes that strike an appropriate balance between efficiency and resilience is always also work on the ecological footprint of the manufacturing industry. We have been doing this work for 25 years.

In order to make our contribution to the industry measurable, we evaluate all customer projects that achieve measurable benefits in terms of ecological improvements as well as projects in which we help shape and support the sustainable transformation process. In 2022, this accounted for more than 40% of our commissions.

Cover und Beispielseite des Sustainable Turn 2025

Sustainable Turn 2025

Our trend study identifies the challenges and opportunities of the transformation to industrial sustainability. You can also find out which scenarios decision-makers from well-known manufacturing companies are expecting.

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We received the special "Sustainability" award in WirtschaftsWoche's "Best of Consulting" competition in 2022 for our contribution to industrial sustainability. The award recognizes our performance in supporting the ports of Antwerp/Bruges on their way to becoming a European hydrogen hub.


ROI-EFESO: Leader in Industrial Sustainability

We are accompanying the port of Antwerp-Bruges on its way to becoming a sustainable energy ecosystem of European significance.

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With our measures, we would like to contribute to the following sustainable development goals

ROI-EFESO Sustainable Development Goal #5 (SDG)
ROI-EFESO Sustainable Development Goal #8 (SDG)
ROI-EFESO Sustainable Development Goal #9 (SDG)
ROI-EFESO Sustainable Development Goal #12 (SDG)
ROI-EFESO Sustainable Development Goal #13 (SDG)
ROI-EFESO Sustainable Development Goal #17 (SDG)

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