Developing the business model with software-based offerings

Many companies are already researching, developing or implementing digital products and services as the next "game changer" to increase their revenues.

With the ROI-EFESO team, companies solve the relevant challenges to achieve real profitability with their digital products and services. Our clients benefit from our consultants' digital expertise, our understanding of industrial end-2-end business processes and an ecosystem of powerful partners. No matter what stage of the digital journey they are at, our consulting services take companies a few steps further.


Expanding core competencies into digital solutions

With digital products and services, the business model is based on the value proposition of software. Accordingly, product development must quickly master new core competencies based on the premise of "software first": Systems Engineering (SysEng), Software Development (SWD), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analysis, DevOps and much moree. A digital ecosystem is also required to exploit the full business potential.

Even after the initial delivery, software applications must be continuously developed and kept up to date with customer updates. This requires appropriate human resources - for example for services, rollouts and the operation of an update infrastructure - which also requires careful evaluation.

With our expertise, we support the entire application life cycle – from exploratory activities with idea workshops and determining the potential of digital products and services through to their profitable upscaling.

Application Lifecycle

ROI-EFESO: Your consulting partner for the development of digital products and services

Take advantage of ROI-EFESO's expertise in solving these and other challenges:

Gaining clarity about value creation for the end customer and establishing reliable sales channels

Digital products and services require an early and fact-based analysis of the potential benefits for the customer. However, exploration activities are often characterized by a biased view and are laborious. Many critical questions need to be answered in a structured, quick and, above all, valid manner, such as Are we tapping into new customer groups? What is the right price for the digital product? Are we really creating added value for the customer? Is the idea "disruptive" enough? Which sales channels work best for our digital product and the target group?

Consider software first: for AI, machine learning etc.

The business model of digital products and services is based on the value that the software offers. Therefore, excellence in software development is the key to success. Are you efficient enough in this area to meet the digital challenge? Different core competencies in product and software development require scaling, calibration and synchronization, e.g. SysEng, SWE, AI, machine learning, data analytics, DevOps. In addition, the successful integration of ecosystem partners that enable technical and commercial feasibility is crucial.

Organize digital skills

There is often a lack of digital skills to provide and operate the proposed digital offerings. Often this is not recognized early enough, as the experience of creating and maintaining these products is not part of the company's DNA. Therefore, strategic discussions are held on whether an incubator or corporate acquisition is a viable option for a quick response. The sizing of potential areas is also debated, often based on unconfirmed assumptions and a lack of expertise. It is essential to focus these discussions on the key strategic objective of enabling the business and ensuring the validation of assumptions through data and experience.

Especially in the evaluation phase, many companies face the challenge of finding the best path for digital products and services in their organization. With ROI-EFESO's consultants, you can develop solutions in three key areas during this critical phase:


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