Supply Chain Strategy

The supply chain strategy describes a company's comprehensive plan for managing the flow of goods and services along the entire value chain – from the procurement of raw materials to delivery to the customer.

Appropriate processes, technologies, organization and partnerships define supply networks that secure competitiveness and reduce risks. The strategy thus forms the framework for operational supply chain management in order to realize an optimal combination of delivery performance (service level), delivery costs and inventories.

A key challenge is to be able to flexibly adapt the supply chain strategy to changing market conditions. These can be customer requirements, new competitive constellations, or technological innovations.

In addition, economic and ecological framework conditions must be taken into account. For example, efforts to decarbonize the supply chain can lead to the identification of economic sustainability potential and risks being integrated into the supply chain strategy. In some sectors, there is a trend towards decentralization of the supply chain and the use of regionally produced components and services.


Operationalization of supply chain strategies

With ROI-EFESO, companies develop and operationalize supply chain strategies that meet their individual requirements. Our services include:

  • Deriving supply chain objectives from the corporate strategy.
  • Formulation of market, competition, and environment scenarios.
  • Recording the current and future requirements of the supply chain.
  • Development of differentiated supply chain strategies (incl. supply chain segmentation).
  • Integration with digitalization initiatives in all operations areas.
  • Assessment and specification of the supply chain strategy.
  • Presentation and discussion of best practices.

Together with our clients, we define the goals and framework conditions for operationalizing the supply chain strategy. The focus can be on the following fields of action:


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Case Study

In China, the "made in Germany" label stands for innovative strength, quality and a high level of development competence on the part of the manufacturers. A textile machine manufacturer wanted to reduce the variance and complexity within the Product portfolio. The main goals: reducing costs and strengthening the position in the Chinese market. With the China expertise of ROI-EFESO, a solid, regional supplier network was created in a short time.