Software Development models, organization and practices

Typical pitfalls of software development and its organizational structure


Goals & Benefits

This training is particularly suitable for technical managers and experts who have little or no experience with the development of software, but now have to deal with the topic directly or indirectly. The participants will not only get an overview of the current concepts of software development, but will also learn the essential work steps, procedures and typical pitfalls of software development and its organizational structure.


Interactive, sustained learning through theory, best practices and concrete implementation with examples:

  • Developing is more than coding
  • The software life cycle
  • Process models: From V-model to SCRUM to Kanban
  • Organization of software development: interaction of organizational and product structure
  • Software development organization: scaling and internationalization
  • Task, error, build and configuration management
  • Software development documentation
  • KPIs as helpers and seducers
  • Importance of continuous education and training



Target group

Managers of different levels


2 days

Number of participants

5-10 participants


We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.