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Newsletter #5/2022 – SMART FACTORY INSIGHTS

The use of IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies promises to take factory processes and organization to a new level. In this issue of our newsletter, we present how this is achieved in particularly successful "smart factories":

By the way, our video of the online event "INDUSTRY 4.0 INSIGHTS" also summarizes exciting comprehension and recipes for success from digitization projects – you can find out more about it watching the video and on our LinkedIn channel.


Digital “resume” for products at Robert Bosch

At its Bamberg plant, Robert Bosch GmbH manufactures fully automated and digitized components for the automotive industry. The company linked its MES / ERP systems and integrated smart devices - and won the INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD in the category "Smart Factory" for this solution.

"In our Smart Factory, we have already set up a completely new value stream with Industry 4.0 technologies," explains Dr. Stefan Schmitz, Technical Plant Manager in Bamberg. "With a digital twin, for example, we create a complete 'vita' with 1,600 data records for each product."

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INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD 2022: Digitization champions wanted!

Are you already using a particularly smart, digital industry 4.0 solution in your company? Then take the opportunity to apply for the "INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD 2022", the most prestigious industry award for digitalization and Industry 4.0 projects, by June 1.

Infineon Technologies AG and SPIE are now also represented on the jury panel for the 2021 award. More than 30 top-class industry decision-makers are looking forward to selecting the next winning projects from the field. The jury selects these on the basis of anonymized project presentations, therefore all companies participate in the application with the same starting conditions and opportunities.

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Seminar: Successfully Implementing Digital Shopfloor Management

Accelerate the problem-solving process in your production with digital shopfloor management.  In our seminar on July 28, 2022 in Munich, (held in German) you will learn more about the concrete benefits of various digitization approaches, about user tools and software solutions, and about the right procedure for their implementation, among other things.

Experiences and recipes for success from practice are the focus here - for example in a practical report from Continental Automotive GmbH on the successful implementation of the topic.

We look forward to your participation!




The Art of Initial Ignition: Smart Factory Transformation

As in many areas of a company, not only individual activities but also processes and structures in the smart factory are undergoing continuous and sometimes serious change. In designing a smart factory transformation, it is therefore not enough to introduce new technologies - it requires a co-evolution of behaviors, processes and structures.

In our expert interview, Sebastian Diers, Managing Director of EFESO Consulting GmbH, describes the aspects that need to be taken into account and how change processes in the smart factory can be put on the right track.

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Video: INDUSTRY 4.0 INSIGHTS from Benchmark Projects

Impressions and recipes for success from Industry 4.0 projects by participants and winners of the INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD were the focus of our online event INDUSTRIE 4.0 INSIGHTS. We hosted this event together with THINGS, Sweden's leading deeptech and innovation hub focusing on industry, infrastructure, utilities and mobility turning deeptech into business.

In an entertaining 30 minutes, you will learn in the video which new industry 4.0 developments companies should have on their radar - for example, in the design of global supply chains or in order to realize both cost- and climate-conscious manufacturing.

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