AIOsphere 24

Where AI Meets Supply Chain

Supply chain management is about people cooperatively solving problems and finding new ways of working together. The AIOsphere brings together people from different industries who are passionate about supply chain management.

At the event, you can meet decision-makers and colleagues from the industry, take part in panel discussions and attend keynotes and specialist exhibitions. An evening event rounds off the AIOsphere program.

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Meet Gernot Schäfer, Partner, ROI-EFESO, at AIOsphere for a personal exchange. In his presentation “Scaling Artificial Intelligence in Complex Environments”, Gernot Schäfer will also describe practical use cases from manufacturing companies. 


Find out more about the AIOsphere in the interview with Dr. Christoph Kilger from aioneers and Gernot Schäfer from ROI-EFESO.

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Alte Schildkrötfabrik, Mannheim
Floßwörthstrasse 36-38
68199 Mannheim


at 21.06.2024
from 14:00