Making long-term investments

CapEx optimization is not enough – above all, it has to happen quickly

Interview with Jost Kamenik, CEO, TSETINIS-EFESO und Thomas Plasa, Partner, TSETINIS-EFESO

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An investment in modern technologies is always an investment in systems, digitalization, people, and organizational structures

Interview with Dr. Elmar Hubner, Managing Director, ROI-EFESO Vienna

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True CapEx optimization requires a focus on life cycle costs, CO2 emissions and speed

Interview with Andrea Montermini, Vice President & Managing Director Western Europe, EFESO

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CapEx optimization is a strategic imperative

Interview with Luca Lecchi, Co-CEO, EFESO

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A cross-location perspective reveals considerable potential for CapEx reduction

Interview with Dr. Thomas Troll, Senior Vice President, ROI-EFESO

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In Germany, the idea of having to own things is still very firmly anchored

Interview with Andrés Hernández, Vice President & Industry Lead Automotive, ROI-EFESO

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Sustainability has become a key factor in the investment decisions of chemical companies

Interview with Fernando Cruzado, Vice President & Industry Lead Chemicals, ROI-EFESO

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CapEx potential can only be leveraged if you consistently break away from the old

Interview with Dr. Christian König, Principal, ROI-EFESO

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The decisive factor is the business benefit and not the user’s wishes

Interview with Gernot Schäfer, Vice President, ROI-EFESO

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