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Case Study

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Cost reduction/restructuring - Mastering the turnaround

Good balance sheets can create comfort zones. Responding to attacks from competitors? Increasing flexibility in the event of fluctuations in demand? Maybe in five years. If the threat is then suddenly particularly major and acute, many companies prefer to react with drastic measures in one or a few places. This is usually not sustainable. But there are other ways to do this, as a ROI project for restructuring a company in the plant and mechanical engineering sector shows. The company tackled all the urgently needed changes and thus returned to the road to success.

Case Study

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Quality issues: production & reduction - A premier league for factories

Manchester United’s goals are the same every year: to win as many titles as possible .Titles bring economic success, enhance the image and increase the market value. The goals of the board members in German automobile companies are certainly even more ambitious, the targets are much tougher and the competition far more dramatic. But where the individual factories currently stand in the implementation of their targets is not revealed in a league table or by points. Until now. With the support of ROI, one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers established a completely new practice inspired by sport – and thus achieved unprecedented dynamism in rigid factory structures and work routines.

Case Study

Building of a digital twin in order to increase quality and productivity

When it came to improving a production plant for dashboards, an automotive supplier faced two challenges: the entire process chain – together with all risk factors in production and supplier management – had to become more transparent. At the same time, even small errors in the manufacturing process led to the rejection of complete components, since a sensitive material was being processed – this scrap rate had to be reduced. Together with ROI, the company was able to map the entire production process step by step using a ‘digital twin'’. This resulted in an IoT pilot which identifies potential for improvement and triggers improvements in both manufacturing and Value stream management at suppliers.

Case Study

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Standards for operational excellence in an international factory network

Can you improve on a success story? Certainly, if you have a sense for the right fields of action. An automotive supplier is well-established worldwide, with around 20 successful plants in Asia, Europe and North America. Thanks to good customer proximity, the sites have developed good business relationships over the years and organised their production processes independently. But now it was time to share this knowledge among themselves. The method: by introducing OPEX (operational excellence) together with ROI across the entire operation area.

Case Study

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Transformation through the development of smart products

Sometimes you do everything right, and it’s still not enough. A strong development team had achieved solid successes with a manufacturer of household appliances. But now, customers want to network kitchen appliances, refrigerators and mixers in their ‘smart home’ and control them with Alexa. ROI established an ‘I Team’ (Ideation Team) with the fresh viewpoint of ‘digital natives’ and saw through the internal change process.

Case Study

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The ROI OPEX model: activating excellence forces

You learn from mistakes – this applies to people as well as companies. The important thing is that this leads to continuous improvement. In industry, this falls under the heading ‘operational excellence’, or OPEX for short. Instead of resorting to off-the-shelf solutions, companies should develop their own strategies here. Just like the group from the steel industry that, in this case, successfully implemented the ROI OPEX model at its plants.