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"Together with ROI, we have achieved one of the fastest, most successful and most innovative factory transformations. The Bentley team has been delighted and committed to making this visible change happen."

Peter Bosch, Member of the Board, Manufacturing, BENTLEY MOTORS LIMITED

Volkswagen AG

“ROI has been supporting the global implementation of Volkswagen´s “Zukunftspakt” since 2017. Another common project is the design and implementation of an award program tailored to our worldwide plants to improve our operational excellence.

Collaboration with ROI is perceived as productive at every level – from shop floor to top management.

In particular, managers from various locations value the constructive, practice-oriented expertise of the ROI consultants, which reaches in-depth into the individual business areas. In 2018, we plan to further expand our collaboration with ROI and roll out our jointly designed programs internationally.”

Thomas Schmall, Member of the Board of Management for the “Components” business unit, Volkswagen AG

THEVA Dünnschichttechnik GmbH

"After years of research and testing, we have now taken the next step towards the industrialization of our manufacturing. ROI supported us in the context of the new planning of our future production plant. It was particularly important to us that the solution was future-proof and that changes could be easily integrated into the layout. 

The ROI consultants have fulfilled this requirement to our complete satisfaction. The fact that the layout planning was carried out in 3D contributed enormously to the understanding of the developed solution. This new plant layout is an important building block for the future viability of our company".

Dr. Werner Prusseit, Managing Director, THEVA Dünnschichttechnik GmbH

Paul Hartmann AG

"In the further development of our PLM process, we have come to appreciate the way ROI consultants work and their expertise. It distinguishes the incorporation of best practices, e.g. on quality measures, as well as the equally successful integration of our employees at all hierarchy levels into the analysis and concept work. 

When it comes to implementation, we value flexibility and responsiveness - without losing sight of the target. For these reasons, we are now working in partnership with the consultants at ROI in several areas".

Michael Zaiser, Vice President Corporate Quality, PAUL HARTMANN AG

KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

"The cooperation with ROI in our project "European Operations Footprint" was very professional and opened up valuable perspectives for our team within a short time. I have been particularly encouraged by the open and constructive discussions in which the ROI team challenged us right from the start and encouraged them to think fundamentally - and thus purposefully. So we quickly realized that we have the ideal partners for the complex tasks of our project on board.

We are very satisfied with the results: we benefit from a clear and sustainable concept. We can independently apply the procedure for designing a "footprint" to improve or confirm our "footprint". Furthermore, we have achieved a high level of transparency for the appropriate dimensioning of the indirect areas."

Günter Bittner, Head of Industrial Engineering, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH


"Our ties to ROI go back 10 years, with intensive, very close collaboration. I value in particular the high degree of professional expertise and the great level of commitment shown by the consultants. This includes skill in getting matters implemented on the shop floor."

Dr. Herbert Diess, former Member of Board of Directors, BMW AG

ThyssenKrupp AG

"The improvement of the operative performance of our global positioned positioned production network is a key component of the strategic further development of our business area. By means of the project drive, we created structures and processes that are indispensable for operational excellence.
Due to its strength of implementation, branch and methodical expertise, ROI Management Consulting has proven to be a competent partner in this project."

Dr. Karsten Kroos, Chairman of the Management Board of the Business Area Components Technology, ThyssenKrupp AG

Jenoptik AG

"We set high demands for external consultants. Everything has to be a perfect fit here: from the know-how of the deployed consultants with regard to operational excellence, to the way in which they collaborate with the various project teams, to the fee model. ROI fully met our expectations."

Dr. Ing. Michael Mertin, former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jenoptik AG

thyssenkrupp AG Materials Services

"With the Operational Excellence program (OPX) we defined our production system of the future. Materials processing, supply chain, warehousing and logistics are in focus.
ROI supported us by developing and implementing the OPX program. Especially the strong focus on creating visible results and on striving for operational excellence in all project phases was a key success factor. The ROI consultants convinced through deep knowledge on conceptual level as well as on shop floor implementation.”

Joachim Limberg, CEO

Knorr-Bremse SfS GmbH

"ROI provided us with crucial support in redesigning PEP for the Systems for Rail Vehicles unit. This challenging consulting work requires extensive knowledge and, above all, a well-designed concept. That is the only way to identify improvements that will stand the test in practice."

Dr. Albrecht Köhler, Member of Management, Knorr-Bremse SfS GmbH


"I read your trend study ‘R&D Landscape 2025’ with great interest and found the content and findings extremely interesting and innovative. I will expand this with my development colleagues and also use the information to further shape our development strategy."

Markus Kolczyk, Vice President Engineering Automotive OEM, MANN + HUMMEL GmbH

HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH

"Lean management is still one of the key philosophies in the 21st century. With the ROI Management Team China we had been able to improve our material flow efficiency dramatically. I really appreciate their ability to gap the bridge from creating an idea to realization. ROI empowered our project with ideas and structural approach to get it done very fast without leaving our team members alone."

Oliver Gratzel, Head of Business Unit Serial & Industrial / General Manager HKS, Executive Vice President, HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik GmbH

Voith Turbo Power Transmission (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

"I would like to give my thanks to the consultants from ROI to support us, especially for the outstanding ability in shop floor management to positively influence and guide supervisors, line leaders and workers alike."

Jeff Yang, Director Production Management

Schlüter Systems

"The fact that we were able to realize such a comprehensive concept that radically changed the processes that we had grown accustomed to over the years, is largely due to the constructive collaboration with the team and to the consultants from ROI."

Marc Schlüter, Managing Director Schlüter Systems KG

TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

"Together, we undertook a strategically important project to redesign the way services are provided in our laboratories. ROI consultants understand how to structure processes and make them efficient, and they quickly fit in with the team. Particularly worthy of mention is the way knowledge gained from the manufacturing industry was successfully applied to the processes of a services company."

Joachim Birnthaler, CEO, TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Munich

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugbauten und Anlagen KG

"ROI is just the right partner for our company. We jumped into the methodology of manufacturing with both feet. This wouldn’t have been possible without the consultants' detailed know-how about tool manufacture and their multifaceted experience in production. Equally essential to the success of the project was that the consultants worked in a way that was collegial and open. As a result, the enthusiasm can be seen in the entire team, and not just in management."

Julia Esterer,Geschäftsführerin Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugbauten und Anlagen KG

Miba AG

"For us, ROI is a valuable external partner for introducing technical and organizational innovations and spotting trends at an early stage. For this reason, we're continuing to develop an ongoing collaboration."

Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Mitterbauer, Member of the Board of Directors, Miba AG

Grohe AG

"ROI has become an important partner for the successful restructuring of business processes. The special quality of ROI lies in it being a blend of “implementer” and “strategizer", and it works so closely with the shop floor that synergies come about between the big players in the automotive sector and medium-sized companies operating worldwide, like Grohe."

Detlef Spigiel, former Member of the Board of Directors, Grohe AG

DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH, Fulda

"During a very critical phase, ROI helped us to stabilize our production processes and to increase and permanently assure quality.
The close, collegial collaboration was a success and very enjoyable for all involved."

Ewald Klüe, Task Force Head, DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH, Fulda

Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG

"ROI supported us in realigning the way our company was organized. In particular, I value the pragmatic, expert, and collegial collaboration, as well as the extensive sector knowledge in the automotive and automotive supplier industry."

Jürgen Otto, Head of Management, Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG

Fresenius Medical Care Nephrologica Deutschland GmbH / Renal Pharma

"In collaborating with the committed ROI consultants, it quickly became apparent that we’d found the right partner. Together, we were able to achieve the set objectives – in spite of a tight schedule."

Dr. Wolfgang Hofmann, Manager, Fresenius Medical Care Nephrologica Deutschland GmbH / Renal Pharma

Miba Friction Group

"Over many years of collaboration, we have come to know and appreciate ROI. One of ROI’s strengths lies in its process expertise, which comes from broad consulting know-how. ROI consultants are well trained and uncomplicated. Decisive for success is the savvy combination of process consulting and expert IT knowledge."

F. Peter Mitterbauer, Manager, Sales & Marketing, Miba Friction Group

Miba Group

"One thing I particularly like about ROI is the emphasis on open communication and treating one another fairly. Likewise, the high degree of expertise and the professionalism of the consulting team."

Thomas Meixner, CIO, Miba Group

BMW HamsHall

"ROI took an already productive team and made it even better! The collaboration was a lot of fun!"

Brendan McCarthy, Head of Assembly, BMW HamsHall

Wallstabe & Schneider

"We are truly satisfied with the project results - with a reasonable amount of effort, a wide-ranging organizational change was well planned and implemented, making us more flexible and efficient."

Christian Wallstabe, Commercial Management / Managing Partner, Wallstabe & Schneider


"In project work, ROI consultants quickly got into the details of operation and diligently saw to the development of a long-term approach. That made a believer of everyone.

Thomas Langer, Project Head, Premium AEROTEC

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH

"The introduction of global standards on a best-practice basis was very well received by all involved. Employees around the world are on board with interest and great commitment. Communication between countries has improved decidedly."

Thomas Heckman, CEO, AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH

HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik Holding GmbH

"In the project, we were convinced by ROI’s use of a combined top-down / bottom-up approach. The consultants were successful in taking the many ideas and creative proposals of the management team and our employees from various countries and giving them, above all, a clear, comprehensible structure in the best possible form. “Teasing out” and channeling the existing creative potential was a particularly important accomplishment of ROI."

Eckhard Gatawis, Head of Division Global Production, HOERBIGER Kompressortechnik Holding GmbH, Vienna

MTU Aero Engines

"We are very satisfied with the result. The design is already showing that short, efficient assembly time will be absolutely feasible. We ascertained these results not just in theory but very vividly with a 3P (Production Preparation Process) workshop. The design’s good momentum will also flow into a follow-up project."

Elmar Stichlmair, Consultant Engineering Assembly Civil Programmes, MTU Aero Engines

Brilliance Automotive

"Good experience with ROI in the past convinced me to bring the team back on board this time. It has been possible to sensitise Chinese colleagues for an entirely new appreciation of quality."

Franz Gollmann, Director of Central Quality at Brilliance Automotive

Carcoustics International

"The skilled, active support provided by the ROI team made the location search decidedly shorter and more secure."

Thomas Mair, Business Unit Head, Carcoustics International

HASCO Hasenclever GmbH & Co KG

"With the successful conclusion of this project, not only did we set the course for profitable growth in a very challenging market environment, but we also showed that competitive production is possible in the long term in Western Europe as well."

Dirk Schulte, Senior Vice President, HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG


"During the project, the plant was running at close to maximum capacity, meaning that everyone involved was under great stress. Nevertheless, through close collaboration and tight project management, we were able to achieve the ambitious objectives."

Joachim Metzmacher,  Business Unit Head Heavy Equipment Production, ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH

HOERBIGER Ventilwerke Wien

"In the project, ROI showed its expertise in impressive fashion in the customer order-based production of small lot sizes. The project managers understood very well how to take up and include ideas from the team without at the same time losing sight of the sought-after overall solution."

Dr. Josef Auernig, Director Plant Vienna, HOERBIGER Ventilwerke

Remmers AG

"ROI has become a true partner for us, one who always supports us in a skilled, very customer-oriented manner when it comes to tricky issues involving logistics."

Klaus Boog, Managing Director of Finances, Processes, and IT, Remmers AG

SONA BLW Präzisionsschmiede GmbH

"At the recommendation of a long-time customer, we decided to go with ROI and we weren’t disappointed: The highly practice-oriented approach left a lasting impression on our entire project. In the process, the speed at which the measures were implemented was very effective, with the sustained result that existing processes, which were formerly considered to be 'normal', are now viewed more critically by employees and are optimised by them directly."

Mehmet Kamis, System Developement / Kaizen / TPM Coordinator, SONA BLW Präzisionsschmiede GmbH


"For me personally, our discussions were not only the highlight of a typical day-to-day routine, but they also helped me to structure 20 years of my managerial experience and to consolidate it into an orientation course for the Optibelt project management team. This training went far beyond the mere introduction of our manual and it gave the participants a fundamental insight into innovation management and efficiency. We have by all accounts presented this fairly monotonous stuff in a lively manner and with such vitality that we were immediately staring at a second round of advance registrations for the course.

Moreover, we have also set a beacon to which other Optibelt departments such as Quality Assurance, Production, Application Development and, in fact, even foreign subsidiaries, orient themselves. In this manner, our dream of putting a uniform project management into place at Optibelt is becoming a reality, even without any centralised specifications." 

Dr. Frank Michel, Head of Product Development, OPTIBELT GmbH


"Together with ROI-EFESO, we achieved with the “Frische Brise” project sustainable productivity and efficiency increases in operations by implementing a shop floor management system adapted to our needs. The ROI-EFESO consultants demonstrated hands on attitude, social skills and relevant experience to support us with lean management know-how built up and training. Their additional support to select a suitable management execution system to digitalize our production processes was very appreciated. Currently we are planning the rollout on the shop floor."

Andreas Weth, Head of SCM International, KNEIPP GmbH