IT Management in Production

IT support for lean production

Virtually every project for implementing operational changes, whether in administration, development, or production, requires changes at the level of ERP and other IT systems. At the same time, the IT infrastructure also constitutes an ancillary condition for the design of the process and structural organisation.

ROI consulting provides comprehensive know-how in implementing and optimising SAP, MES, and PDM/PLM solutions. In this way, we ensure that in projects, designs and measures are always feasible and cost-efficient, including with respect to IT, and that the possibilities of existing systems are best exploited.

Many projects focus on the question of how the principles of lean production can be brought into line with ERP and MES systems. The ROI approach combines the best of both worlds: lean, largely self-controlled production with simultaneous use of SAP strengths in the areas of planning, controlling, and process integration, as well as new tools in the area shop floor management.

In addition, targeted use of MES systems in the production environment ensures consistent traceability and transparency and enables real-time, consistent production controlling.




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